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17 Month Update

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(I realise that I need to write a proper update but recently a friend suggested I write this down so I am doing it here with all the other updates! It’s very much a Mummy post…)

– Mummy
– Daddy
– Ta
– Who’s that?
– What’s that?
– I(‘m) sorry/ sorry
– Hello
– Bye / bye bye
– See ya!
– Teddy
– Baby
– Night Night
– More
– No
– Cracker
– Banana (nana)
– All done
– Yum / Yummy
– Mine

Can count to three “tweeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” (sometimes!)
Copies songs like “Row Row Row your boat” and “Round and Round the Garden” (sometimes!)

Knows these animal sounds
– Tiger
– Cat
– Dog
– Cow
– Duck
– Sheep (she said “baa” in response to “what sound does a sheep make?” for the first time on Tuseday so this is a very new one!)

Just finished another round of teething. 12 in total now, 6 top and 6 bottom including some molars.

Imaginative Play
Now well embedded into the world of imaginative play – pushing dolly and/or teddy around in baby pram, putting them to bed (“night night”), covering them with whatever makeshift blanket can be found and sharing her food and bottles with them. Loves having tea parties with Mum & Dad and teddies, loves talking on whatever “phone” can be found. BIG into giving cuddles to everyone – both real people and toys and gives beautiful kisses complete with “mwa” sounds and “awww” sounds for the cuddles.

** yes I keep updating this post as I remember, or am reminded, of other words she uses!

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