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{Preparing For Baby} 23 weeks and counting…

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So it would seem I am well and truly pregnant.

23 weeks and 3 days to be exact…but who’s counting?

Certainly not me.

For the first time, I’m having an super easy, low key pregnancy {I know, don’t hate me – I have been there with the all day nausea for months on end and the exhaustion that has seen me laid out on the couch every day. That this pregnancy has been easy has surprised me as much as anyone else). I’ve hit the tired phase of late but really, if it weren’t for this little’s ones movements I would be in total denial about the way my life and and our family is going to change in another 18-19 weeks or so.

When I do take time to stop and think about it, I’m so excited. I keep seeing photos of little babies in my Facebook feed and they almost make my boobs ache!

A new little bubba to love and hold and cuddle and kiss.

Simply delightful!

Do babies make your ovaries jump or are you a closed shop?

Thoughts on “{Preparing For Baby} 23 weeks and counting…

  1. Would love to have another one, but money and circumstances are stopping us from having another one at the moment. But my s-i-l is having her first baby, so I’m trying to make the most of the excitement from that.

  2. Oh how exciting and doubly exciting that it’s an easy pregnancy. I was awfully ill through all of mine but made-up for it with 3hr labours (ouch don’t punch me :-). I’m closed shop premature menopause at 43, glad I started babies early (4) but I cheat now, can call upon baby cuddles via foster care. Newborns are sooooo precious even with the 3hr wake-ups.
    Jules recently posted..#KidsSuperSnaps- What A Child’s Eyes BeholdMy Profile

    • Thanks so much for commenting Jules, how wonderful for you to offer foster care to little ones – not always easy to say goodbye to them I imagine. 3 hour labours sure is quick! I won’t punch you ;) mine haven’t been too bad – not that short – but nothing like the arduous experience it is for some women.

  3. Congratulations Louisa…my 23 yo daughter is expecting her first bub in mid October so we’re expecting some extra excitement and joy in our lives too.
    I love babies and loved being pregnant…. think its such a special time in a woman’s/couples life but I wont be having anymore as (I just turned 46) my eldest is 23 and youngest is now 7…I’ve been blessed with 9 children and nan to 2 granddaughters and a grandson on the way.

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