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Sunday 20th October

On Sunday 20th October my little boy reached a milestone that brought tears to my eyes.
13 days after his 3rd birthday he said his name for the first time.

{photo credit: Chris Allsop Photography}

The improvements in his speech has been phenomenal over the past few months and his language development has exploded but still he has resisted saying, or even
trying to say, his name.

Not any more – he will proudly, and easily, say it these days.

I am so very proud of him.

Thoughts on “Sunday 20th October

  1. Well done to your little man. My daughter was slow to speak and has many a meetings with speech pathologists. It’s amazing how they work with our little people. Onwards and upwards I say.

  2. Awesome my friend. Keira was very delayed in her speech. I was worried like any Mom would be. She was Teira till about Nov last year and has only now said Nieve rather than Mieve or Niece.
    They get there in their own time and with lots of love, support and repartition, they all get there. Keira’s reading actual books now and is doing well.
    Keep it up Hun xxx

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