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Life Rule #4786: Take More Photos (on a real camera and not the iPhone)

I am lucky to have some wonderful photographer friends in my life – Chris from Chris Allsop Photography I have featured on this blog several times before and Heather from TeaCup Ballet has been inspiring me with her pics on Facebook and her blog recently too. (Hint: if you love family/child photography then you should definitely be onto these folk on their blogs and Facebook!)

I was so inspired this afternoon after Heather took some pics of her gorgeous Master 4 that I grabbed my camera (a Canon EOS 450D for those wondering) and we hit the park and then bath…

it’s a shame that one is over exposed…I think it’s a bit better in b&w…

It’s easy to be put off by the beautiful photos other people today – I’m glad today I let it inspire me rather than shy away from capturing these moments…my boy is moving into toddler hood far too swiftly for my liking!

When was the last time you grabbed a camera that wasn’t part of your phone and snapped away? What inspires you to capture the moment?

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