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Did somebody say Fiesta?

The Architect and I have a little birthday tradition. Each year on the night before the kids birthdays we eat the same meal we had the night before each of the children were born. It started as a simple way to reflect back on that moment in time and has become a really fun family tradition – a simple but sentimental way to share with them the story of their birth and reminisce on what was happening on the “night before”.

With all three kids I kind of knew by dinner time that we were about to be “on” and so each of the night-before dinners were spent with me getting up to move, rock and breathe through the early contractions. The night before Bliss was born we had Thai takeaway – I was more than a week overdue so Mum and went on a mammoth walk to get things moving and picked up take away on the way home. The night before Bear was born I was even more overdue than I had been with Bliss and we were completely over takeaway so, knowing I was booked in for an induction the next morning (which I didn’t end up needing) we just had what we had on hand – spaghetti (which we interpret more broadly as Italian). The night before Bluey was born I was still heavily in denial that he was coming but thankfully (because it’s a fave of mine) it was Taco night!

I decided to ramp things up this year and make it his birthday party theme so we celebrated with a Fiesta party complete with a Taco lunch, a pinata and the best little Sombrero cookies you can imagine! In my usual way, it was a pretty low key affair but lots of fun – a day spent worrying less about being picture perfect and more about making memories.

Many thanks to my good friend Heather from Teacup Ballet for taking these pics for me…


Jude's 1st Birthday 3

Jude's 1st Birthday 26

Jude's 1st Birthday 8

Jude's 1st Birthday 11

Jude's 1st Birthday 17

Jude's 1st Birthday 34

Jude's 1st Birthday 22

Jude's 1st Birthday 46

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