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How would you make a difference in an Australian child’s life?


How would you make a difference in an Australian child’s life? Not your own child, clearly… (you are already doing that!)

Full on question hey?

I’m a bit embarrassed to say that this is something I have thought about a bit…but not done anything about. Before kids I used to think that when I became a Mum I’d go and visit old folks homes and spend time working with charities and the like. None of that has eventuated and though we do give financially to different charities, it never quite feels like enough.

As you might know, the team from Colgate Australia partnered with The Smith Family this year to raise money for children from less priviledged families around Australia. (By the by, you can help them donate $1 by uploading a smiling photo to their FB page). Turns out helping other kids is pretty simple stuff, with just the click of a mouse people are changing lives every. day.

Colgate are giving 20 Australians the chance to find out first hand how they can practically help other Aussies in need via their “Smile for Change” competition. The winners of the comp, and there will be 20 of them, will be able to sponsor a child through The Smith Family at no cost to themselves – Colgate will foot the bill and you will get the chance to see, first hand, both the challenges faced by Australian families and the way this amazing charity works to make life better for them.

You enter via the Colgate Australia Facebook Page. Entries close on August 28th. All you need to do to enter is make sure you have liked the page and then in 50-150 words share why you want to become the sponsor of a disadvantaged child.

So, if you could – how would you (or are you) making a difference to a child’s life?

I wasn’t paid to write this post, but I was sponsored by Colgate Australia to attend Blog World in New York in June this year.

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