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Father asked us, “What was God’s noblest work?” Anna said, “Men”, but I said “Babies”. Men are often bad, but babies never are.
Louisa May Alcott




life lately…according to my iphone

i have my iphone back! Oh the joy…I’ve been in instagram overload!

Here’s a peek at the last week in our family.


Illusions Of Perfection

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Yesterday I woke up to a perfectly clean and tidy house. This is not something that happens a whole lot for us, so it was exciting. I’d gone to bed with a perfectly clean and tidy house two whole days in a row. Having a film crew in your house will do that to you.

Yesterday I woke up at 6am. I had some time to myself and then got stuck into the breakfast routine – making sure to have done the dishes, wiped down the bench, put on a load of washing and made the beds. Actually I think hubs made our bed…but that’s beside the point. Just before walking out the door I thought smugly to myself “This isn’t so hard! This must be how all the super organised Mum’s do it… I can do so this!” I even took a moment to pop on some fabulous, celebratory pink lippy!

Then I jumped in the car and half way to Bear’s first bi-lingual Mandarin class realised that I’d been so on top of the house I’d gotten us out the door to late for class.

{insert glorious bubble popping moment}

It seems that even my illusion of perfection was short lived.

Explaining to Bliss that we were in fact, no longer going to Mandarin class, we…ahem…re-diverted to a local cafe where I spent the time reading a book to Bliss, while pushing cars with Bear and trying to eat a rather delicious breakfast.

I’ll take my imperfect any day.

But next week? We’ll try to get to class.

Are you a perfect mother or, like me, something of a domestic disaster?


Taking Your Blog On Holidays

There’s a mantra in blogging circles that you should write for your readers, not yourself; Darren Rowse calls it, loving your readers. It’s sage advice and normally I’d take it.

Not today.

I’m writing this post from a rainforest cafe, by an idyllic beach at a 5 start resort in Langkawi Malaysia. I’ve spent the entire day in my swimmers, hanging out with my kids, watching them splashing in the water and generally relaxing. Am I telling you this because I think you’re going to be interested? Not today – listening to someone else waft on about the amazing holiday you’re not having is rarely my cup of tea, so I don’t expect it to be yours. I’m writing this because something amazing is happening to me…

I’m relaxing.

When the hours roll into days and you lose yourself in the full enjoyment of your family it’s…well, I’d forgotten just how special it is.

So today I’m writing this if for no other reason than as a little reminder to my future self – something that says “Hey Louisa, you know that holiday you’re thinking of taking? Do it!.


Sending Love This Christmas


In the midst of the








May your tomorrow be a wonderful reminder of all that

you have

and all that

you are.

May you know that Christmas is not

just for children

but for everyone.

A baby born,

alomst 2000 years ago

for you

to bring you into

His family

for now, and always.

With much love,




The Post With No Title.

I’m tired. So very very tired.

I want to blog, I have some great posts lined up but I am just spent.

Because I’m spent, I’m emotional – everything feels a bit hard, and a bit overwhelming and a bit self-indulgent. I know no-one really wants to hear about that but I’m sorry, it’s all I’ve got right now.

That, and these super fun photos we took at my cousin’s wedding on the weekend.

Maybe tomorrow.