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Taking Your Blog On Holidays

There’s a mantra in blogging circles that you should write for your readers, not yourself; Darren Rowse calls it, loving your readers. It’s sage advice and normally I’d take it.

Not today.

I’m writing this post from a rainforest cafe, by an idyllic beach at a 5 start resort in Langkawi Malaysia. I’ve spent the entire day in my swimmers, hanging out with my kids, watching them splashing in the water and generally relaxing. Am I telling you this because I think you’re going to be interested? Not today – listening to someone else waft on about the amazing holiday you’re not having is rarely my cup of tea, so I don’t expect it to be yours. I’m writing this because something amazing is happening to me…

I’m relaxing.

When the hours roll into days and you lose yourself in the full enjoyment of your family it’s…well, I’d forgotten just how special it is.

So today I’m writing this if for no other reason than as a little reminder to my future self – something that says “Hey Louisa, you know that holiday you’re thinking of taking? Do it!.

Thoughts on “Taking Your Blog On Holidays

    • We’ve been staying at The Andaman – where were you? We’ve actually met the lovliest British couple and our kids have been getting on like a house on fire! Tomorrow morning we have a “toenail painting date” before we head back to KL. It’s just gorgeous here!

      • We stayed there too! We were a little disappointed with the service, but LOVED LOVED LOVED the beach. Geat water for kids (and cold averse adults like me). Have a great time!

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