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Is your blog secure from hackers?

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What She Wore

My beautiful 4 year old is developing a very distinct sense of style and it’s really so much fun for me to see that I have decided to share it with you here too in a new (likely to be irregular) series called “What She Wore“.

Sandals over socks are all the rage for Bliss…mismatching socks no less! And a swan dress is surely part of every rockstar girls essential wardrobe isn’t it? But of course, let’s be sensible – it’s was still Melbourne winter here when this pic was taken, so any swan dresses must be worn over our princess horse t-shirt and red jeans…to match the sandals. Of course.

 Some of my other recent fave outfits include…

Do your kids have classic senses of style?

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On Siblings and Celebrating Family


This is one of my favourite photos.

It was taken only a couple of hours after Little Bear was born.

Can you see the joy and pride on Bliss’s face?

I loved this moment. This photo now sits on my desk and melts my heart every day.

When you are pregnant with your second child people will tell you to buy presents for the first born so that they don’t feel left out. It sounded like good advice to us and we know it’s been really helpful for many friends so we went along with it….as did the rest of my family. The number of presents in that hospital room just for Bliss would have made any reasonable person think it was Christmas!

It turned out, she couldn’t have cared less about those presents…her brother was her present.

She had raced into the hospital room, jumped right over me and put her head right into the crib where Bear was lying and said “Hello little baby, I love you.”

And that was it.

She was in love with him and almost 2 years later is still besotted with him. Little Bear is terribly spoilt…mostly by his big sister who gives him whatever he wants, forgives him almost anything and even when he bit her on the bottom the other day(!) declared protectively “It’s OK Mummy, it didn’t hurt.”

This photo is of her holding him for the first time. The other photos I have from that day, of him being held by other family members, all involve Bliss too – she just had to be touching him the whole time. Noone else could hold him without her holding him..or part of him…too.

These are the precious moments…the ones that are distinct to a time and season in our life as a family and they are moments I want to celebrate, to cherish and to weave into the fabric of the sense of family and connection the kids have. These moments are true, they are beautiful and they will always be ours…if we remember them.

What stories or moments in your life or family do you celebrate? What does it mean for you to do this?