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Coping…or not so much.

We went to Chesterfield Children’s Farm this week. It was supposed to be a “fun day out”, a day to spend enjoying each other’s company exploring the world… together.

And it was.

Bliss milked a cow! Bear held a Bunny! Gorgeous “firsts” in their little lives…


But I can tell I’m reaching the point of my pregnancy where my patience is whippet thin.

Little Bear is in the pre-verbal “zone” and spent most of the morning trapsing behind us whinging and crying because he wanted me to carry him.

I’m 28 weeks pregnant with reflux/indigestion in full swing and carrying a 15kg toddler around a farm was just. not. going. to. happen.

Bliss, bless her little heart, is actually quite lovely. But I am too short with her, too easily made cross by her very normal, very human ways…not 4 year old ways, just “person I spend all day with and who spends all day with me” ways.

I am not as patient or gentle as I would like and I know it but I can’t seem to change it.

I don’t like it and I don’t really know what do about it.

The Architect is going away for work for 8 nights in a couple of weeks (and let’s just point out that in our almost 7 years of marriage he has only once before travel overseas for work, and so this coming up when we have 2 children and I’m 32 weeks pregnant…what are the chances?!) and I’m starting to feel really worried about it. It’s not coping with the kids on my own so much that worries me, it’s treating them with the love, kindness and patience they deserve from me – for instance, not starting every day at 6am with me yelling at them that it’s not time to get up yet and that they need to be quiet!!

Because it’s not them, it’s me. I feel lost, tired, guilty and short tempered…and mostly, I feel like it’s completely beyond my control.

I remember being like this when I was heavily pregnant with Bear. I don’t want to be like that for the next 14 weeks.

The only thing I know I should do is NOT turn on the TV because our house is so much calmer and happier when it’s been OFF.

But it’s a bad cycle – I get overwhelmed so turn it on, then the kids get cranky and so I get more overwhelmed and so on and so on.

Sorry for the whinge folks…sometimes I’m just not a coper.




Preparing for Baby: Dressing the Bump or…. 4 simple tips for staying stylish during pregnancy.

1. Keep it Simple

My pregnancy wardrobe consists of 2 pairs of black pants, 4 long sleeve longline tops from Sussan (yes, I have every colour) and 3 longline tank tops also from Sussan. I basically alternate the layers each day and that’s it.

2. Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise!

I accesorise my “wardrobe” with a mix of lipstick, colourful earrings and scarves – using those colours to add a bit of spark and colour to my life!

3. Gold is the new black

I picked up the Witchery flats pictured above and have been wearing them every day (they have even overtaken my gorgeous yellow flats) and they are perfect with everything! Who knew, gold is the new black!

I now have my eye on a pair of glittery flats…maybe like these ones even…

4. Layer 

If you are a Melbournian then you will already know this tip but for those from more constant climates it might be new to you. What was new to me was that layering could apply to dresses as well as pants! As your belly grows, you may find that some short dresses actually can start to act more as tops – as is the case with the Seed Fitted Tank Dress layered as a rouged top over the Seed Tube Maxi (aka “condom dress“) pictured below…


Looking good when pregnant doesn’t have to be as stressful or costly as you may think. We can all keep it simple and achieve a bit of class without sacrificing comfort – phew!

Where did such great advice come from? Certainly not from my own “stylist inclinations!” No, they came  from Julia Allen, personal stylist at Westfield Doncaster – a woman with over 25years experience in fashion, Julia kindly walked me through Doncaster and through these simple steps for staying comfy and stylish throughout pregnancy. As I walked the store with her I couldn’t help but think what an amazing gift a styling session would be for a pregnant mum – forget the nappies and the breast pads and get together with your girlfriends to give the gift of style. I know it sounds corny, but who doesn’t want to at least look amazing during 9 months of increasing discomfort? Westfield offers 2hour styling sessions for $300 – I actually met a woman recently who was given a styling session and a Westfield voucher from her girlfriends for her 40th and she was so excited about it. Love it!

Have you ever had a styling session? Would you enjoy having a couple of hours with someone whose sole job was to help you look good?!

Disclaimer: I was provided with valet parking, a 2hour styling session and a Westfield Gift card courtesy of Westfield Doncaster. All opinions and the experience I am sharing are my own.

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The most expensive cupcake you’ve ever had…

Last night, before I slipped off to bed at the outrageous time of 9pm, I posted this picture to my Facebook page:


I quickly found out that not only is it not the most expensive cupcake in the world but in fact, it is merely a very average priced one.

Who knew?

Clearly I am completely out of touch with how much things cost! Last week when I posted a pic of sparkly ballet flats costing $70, I found out from my Facebook page that the most you should pay for flats is $30-$40 AND now I’ve learnt that paying $5.50 for a cupcake is entirely normal.

Anybody else feel confused?!


What does a cupcake in your area cost? Do you also balk at paying $5.50?




5 Favourites from NYC…getting off the beaten track

We are well and truly back from NYC now, and having had the most marvellous time I wanted to share five of our favourite things…

This is the not the post to read if you want to find out all the hot touristy things to do in NYC – this is the post to read if you want to dig a little deeper and find out some of the other, less well known things that happen around the place.

1. Governor’s Island

Governor’s Island is one of the many public spaces around NYC. The Island is only open on the weekends and public holidays through summer and can be reached via a free ferry off the south of Manhattan.

It’s full of live music, amazing festivals and stunning views and best of all..it’s free to get there. Pack your own picnic, or buy food there – it’s a great way to spend a day in NYC!

 govenor's island


2. Williamsburg on a weekend

Gosh I wish we could be heading off to Williamsburg today…

Williamsburg is over in Brooklyn and there are just so many wonderful things to do there on a weekend! The streets are turned into mini-parks, there’s live music, flea markets and food stalls. It’s beautiful, relaxing and totally hipster(!)

Williamsburg on the weekend

3. Washington Square

Washington Square was a couple of blocks from our apartment and so we often found ourselves strolling down there, past The Epicurean deli where we would grab some bagels, fresh fruit and hot/cold brown drinks (I think the Americans call it coffee?!?) and starting the day in the quiet beauty. Come late afternoon Washington Square is a great place to take the kids for a cool down in the fountain…

Washington Square

On the weekends, this man brings a piano down into the square where it is played for hours…it’s quite magical. The square also seems to have a different fair happening each weekend with yummy food and amazing exhibitions/stands/presentations.

washington square


4. The Moth: True Stories Told Live

This was at the top of The Architect’s NYC wish list and I’m so glad he was in the know about it! The Moth is live storytelling that is also recorded and turned into a podcast – one The Architect listens to regularly. There’s nothing you can’t love about this! Basically a group of people show up ready to tell their story – they have a max of 5 minutes to do this. Throughout the night names are drawn from a bag and those who get called, get a chance to tell their story.  Those of us who aren’t so much into storytelling, just get to sit back and enjoy – and wow, the stories are really amazing. The story tellers are judged, a winner declared and the winner then goes on to a final round on another night. The Moth happens all around America, not just in NYC so it’s worth checking out the website if you are planning a trip to the states..and if you’re not, just get the podcast!


5. Peanut butter milkshakes at The Bowery Diner.

Have you had a peanut butter milkshake before? Have you even heard of such a thing? We hadn’t before NYC but I’ve got to say…they really are as good as they sound! (unless you have a peanut allergy of course, and then they probably don’t sound very good…)

The Bowery is an old-fashioned diner that made us feel like we were eating in the diner from Grease…this was very cool for The Architect and I and just another of the (pop) cultural references that went straight over the kids heads!

 peanut butter milkshake

But seriously…peanut butter milkshakes are AWESOME!


 Have you been to New York? What was your favourite “off the beaten track” experience?



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Life Rule #4786: Take More Photos (on a real camera and not the iPhone)

I am lucky to have some wonderful photographer friends in my life – Chris from Chris Allsop Photography I have featured on this blog several times before and Heather from TeaCup Ballet has been inspiring me with her pics on Facebook and her blog recently too. (Hint: if you love family/child photography then you should definitely be onto these folk on their blogs and Facebook!)

I was so inspired this afternoon after Heather took some pics of her gorgeous Master 4 that I grabbed my camera (a Canon EOS 450D for those wondering) and we hit the park and then bath…

it’s a shame that one is over exposed…I think it’s a bit better in b&w…

It’s easy to be put off by the beautiful photos other people today – I’m glad today I let it inspire me rather than shy away from capturing these moments…my boy is moving into toddler hood far too swiftly for my liking!

When was the last time you grabbed a camera that wasn’t part of your phone and snapped away? What inspires you to capture the moment?


Have you ever been late to a party?

I must admit, I am often late to a party. Most recently I was late to the Offspring party…it totally floated off my radar until mid way through season 2. But once I found it, I quickly fell in love with Nina and her internal monologues, not to mention the rest of the fabulous cast! Thanks to Wikipedia, I was able to pretty much up to speed. Phew! What a fabulous show, not to mention incredible wardrobe!!

When we jetted off to New York earlier this year I forgot to set the DVD recorder to tape it while I was away and so missed the exciting second half of the season…for those who have watched it I know you know what I mean (and hey, even I don’t really know what I mean because I haven’t seen it yet!!)

When my lovely friends from Haystac got in touch to ask if I’d like to check out Season 3 and then offer you, my lovely readers, the chance to win the entire season 1-3 set plus soundtrack how could I say no?!?

Today I am beyond thrilled to give you the chance to win your very own Offspring Gift pack. Comp is open until Sept 9!

Just head over to Facebook for your chance to WIN!


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