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{Part 1} NYC in pics

I haven’t shared many pics of our trip to NYC, mainly because we didn’t take many (very unusual for us!) and because we really didn’t take many good ones. But, a holiday is a holiday and here’s a little snapshot of ours…




Getting her Broadway on!



This is how The Architect spent a lot of his time!

Childrens Museum of the Arts



So there you have it, a little glimpse into our NYC experience. Next time I’ll take a camera course before I go!


Is it Springtime yet?

I’m pregnant and feeling very “black”. It seems that I gravitate towards dark colours for maternity clothes, something that has been enhanced by being pregnant through winter twice now. But I’m eager for spring, especially since I got some much wear out of my fabulous Sacha Drake dress last summer… I am just itching to bring some colour back into my life.

Here’s what I’m lusting after at the moment…

I am so completely in love with this dress! I first came across Miss Mel sometime last year and have been sharing her clothes on my FB page since then. Just love, love, love it! This dress is so gorgeous – not sure if I could pull off the colour though. Thoughts?

Luna Lace Dress, Kiyonna,
Luna Lace Dress by Kiyonna You can find Miss Mel on Facebook too.

Thankfully I don’t need to be non-preggers to enjoy some earring bling! I stumbled across this gorgeous shop on Facebook just last week. Some of you may have seen these before but I had to share with you again. They arrived yesterday and I’ve only taken them off to sleep – simply gorgeous & beautiful quality! (I am loving their desk clocks too – so beautiful and unique!)

ikandi, australian made earrings, boutique jewellry, colourful earrings
You can find Ikandi Gifts and Decor on MadeIt as well as on Facebook

Another beautiful item I can wear while preggers is this gorgeous, bright scarf! It’s the latest of my Sussan purchases & I am loving it – it goes beautifully with my earrings don’t you think?!

Sussan, scarf, colourful scarf

This Goes With That At Sussan! who are also on Facebook.

And last but not least in my colour lust are these shoes. I tried them on in New York but I resisted because I felt we’d done enough shopping at the time. Now, of course, I regret it… lucky for me I discovered that I can buy them through Amazon and with free shipping too – it’s like I’m saving money this way!

John Fluevog, Blue shoes
John Fluevog, Desmond – they also come in black which is also stunning but the blue just feels a bit more special.


What do you think of my choices? Are there any that you would like to have in your wardrobe too?


{Preparing For Baby} The exciting world of teeth.

teeth during pregnancy

Before falling pregnant with Bliss (and to be honest, not until I was well into my pregnancy with her) I didn’t realise that you teeth become more sensitive and susceptible to damage during the 9 months of ‘glowing’.

Given that the only glowing I did during those first 9 months was in frustration at how friendly I had become with the porcelain bowl you can imagine my joy at learning that my teeth needed some extra care! Sigh.

Nevertheless, I learnt a thing or two and for those who may be in dark about teeth and pregnancy, let me enlighten you with my top tips…

1. Visit the dentist before you become pregnant. There’s some work that they won’t do on a pregnant woman so for those organised mums and mums-to-be out there, book in a dentist appt if you think you are going to start trying. For those less organised mums and mums-to-be (*raises hand*) it’s not too late to visit the dentist once you are pregnant, just to get a check and any specific advice should you and your teeth need it (you don’t need to rush out the door the minute you learn you’re pregnant, just add it to the to-do list).

2. Look after your teeth. Brush at least twice a day and make sure you floss.

3. Increase your calcium and Vitamin D during pregnancy – cheese, milk and yoghurt are good sources of calcium and your pregnancy supplements should also help.

More useful information about looking after your teeth during pregnancy can be found via Better Health VIC  and the Colgate wesbites.


Were you an organised Mummy who did the pre-natal visit or do/did you fall into the more disorganised category like myself?

This post has been written as part of my action plan to get ready for this baby, but also to remind you of the opportunity to support disadvantages families in Australia via the Colgate and Smith Family partnership Colgate Smiles. All you need to do is pop over to their Facebook page and share a photo of you or your child smiling (via their safe 3rd party app) and Colgate will donate $1 to the Smith Family. A pretty amazing cause and very simple way to make a difference to another Aussie today. Visit today.




{Preparing For Baby} 23 weeks and counting…

pregnancy, 20 week scan, third pregnancy

So it would seem I am well and truly pregnant.

23 weeks and 3 days to be exact…but who’s counting?

Certainly not me.

For the first time, I’m having an super easy, low key pregnancy {I know, don’t hate me – I have been there with the all day nausea for months on end and the exhaustion that has seen me laid out on the couch every day. That this pregnancy has been easy has surprised me as much as anyone else). I’ve hit the tired phase of late but really, if it weren’t for this little’s ones movements I would be in total denial about the way my life and and our family is going to change in another 18-19 weeks or so.

When I do take time to stop and think about it, I’m so excited. I keep seeing photos of little babies in my Facebook feed and they almost make my boobs ache!

A new little bubba to love and hold and cuddle and kiss.

Simply delightful!

Do babies make your ovaries jump or are you a closed shop?