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Visiting the 9/11 Memorial in NYC

Earlier this week we went down to the site of the World Trade Center to visit the 9/11 memorial.

I filmed a short clip for those who are interested in seeing the site. Unfortunately I have cut off the first few seconds of the video so please let me introduce it here…

I’m standing in front of the former south tower looking at the memorial….At the very start of the video and again at the 1.35min and 2.03min mark the building in the shot is the site the new, major World Trade Center building that is still under construction.

Have you been to the World Trade Center, before or after 9/11?

If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

The other day I wrote a post called “Is your blog crap?” and perhaps I should have called it “Do you ever feel like your blog is crap?” or “Do you ever like your blog doesn’t make the grade?” because if you actually read the post you would know that was what it was about. You also would have known that I wrote it because I sometimes feel like that.

But I didn’t.

Because I was in the middle of a conference, in the middle of a holiday to New York City.

What I wanted to do, and continue to want to do, is to share some of the incredible information I have learnt over here. I didn’t have heaps of time to do that, just snippets here and there and so I wrote that post in between sessions. It wasn’t a super thought out post, just something cool that I had found helpful. Why did I write it? Because I am the only Aussie blogger, at least from the personal space, who is over here and I wanted to share what I am learning. And because I found it one of the most helpful sessions of the conference.

But as I sit here now I have been looking back through twitter and catching up (twitter is another thing I haven’t had a lot of time for) and I find that my post annoyed some people and led to some unkind, not so subtle comments.

And so I am here, a little hurt and annoyed.

So look, if you don’t want to hear about the conference or anything I have to say, feel free not to read. If you think it’s patronising for me to blog about then move right along, if you think I am just jumping on some bandwagon, then you are the one missing out. I have sat in front of some of the world’s leading blogging and social media thinkers over here and I am going to keep talking about it here – if you are not interested that is fine, but please keep you unkindness to the privacy of DMs and email…or even better, your own mind.

Edit: Actually, if you have something to say then feel free to actually say it. If you can constructively add to this, or any other conversation, with intelligence and good humor them please – I welcome that!

The Importance of “Know-Like-Trust” for Bloggers

From another stunning Manhattan location I’m back vlogging about blogging!

Today’s post is about the “know-like-trust factor” and why developing it should be the priority of (serious) bloggers, over and above garnering likes, followers and pageviews.

If you don’t know what the know-like-trust factor is or are wondering what this has to do with personal blogging then press play and find out!

A side note – the iPhone cut out mid way through filming so there are two parts to this post…

Part 1

Part 2

This vlog mentions two well know Australian bloggers, Mrs Woog from Woogsworld and Nikki Parkinson from Styling You and the story of the Condom dress. You can read the original blog posts they wrote here:

Mrs Woog: The Condom Dress

Styling You: How To Wear A Tube Dress

Do you agree that the know-like-trust factor matters for you? What could this change about the way you blog?

One Aussie Family does New York City

We are exactly half way through our time in New York and its been fantastic! I filmed a little vlog to tell you about it…

Other highlights include…

* Visiting FAO Swartz and making our own muppets.
* Having a peanut butter milkshake from an old fashioned diner
* Seeing so many famous landmarks and places from classic movie
* Meeting my beautiful blog buddy, Cece from The Big Girl Blog and chatting all things love, life and blogging!!
* Having Little Bear throw his beloved monkey and his shoe into the middle of 5th avenue during peak hour, watching them be run over by cars and then bringing them home, washing them and pretending it didn’t happen
* being able to get the kids down and then go out for a stroll or shop (not both of us at the same time, obviously!)- Greenwich Village is incredible!!
* All the public spaces and playgrounds & the fact that there is always something happening to go and do and see.

Tonight is going to be another highlight as we have a babysitter coming and we are going out without the kids!!

Thanks so much to Colgate Australia for sponsoring me to attend Blog World New York which made all this possible.

Have you been to New York? What’s your favourite thing to do and see?

Is your blog crap? (or 3 ways to go from mediocre to outstanding)

I sat in on Corbett Barr’s session at Blog World this morning and it was one of the best sessions of the conference so far. Corbett’s blog is Think Traffic and one of his most significant posts, one that has been rattling around in my mind for a while, is called Write Epic Shit. I have been making a lot of jokes recently about my blog, and writing, being highly average and to be honest, it’s been paralysing me a bit.

Now, I don’t think my content sucks but I know that it’s not where I want it to be & I know I haven’t been writing the sort of posts I want to write. I also certainly don’t think your content sucks either, but I suspect that many of you will resonate with this idea of wanting to close the gap between where you are where you want to be.

We’ve all heard the mantra “Content Is King” but Corbett nailed it today when he said “The idea that content is king isn’t bad advice, it’s just incomplete…Content is King when you have great content but when your content sucks, then it’s just a dream”

So how do we actually start creating better content, because unless we get practical then it’s just another lofty notion that doesn’t help anyone.

1. Cultivate Creativity.  You might not know how to create great content every day or every week at the moment. But you can learn how to do it.

2. Experiment wildly and deliberately. You learn how to do it by experimenting – practice writing in a different way or use a different medium (vlogs, podcasts, interview posts etc…), but you need to be deliberate and intentional about it.

3. Remix popular content. The idea that in order to be creative you need to come up with something new is flawed. Look at what’s working in other niches and industries and consider how it might apply in yours.

One of the main themes coming through this conference is that blogging is a marathon, not a sprint and most people give up just before things get good. Simple advice, but great to be reminded of it.


Are you happy with your blog content or are you looking for ways to shake things up?

Many thanks to Colgate Australia for their support in sponosring my attendance at this conference. What a great, blogger-friendly and family friendly business!!

For the non-bloggers reading, I promise the next post will have nothing to do with blogging and will just a bit of NYC living! Thanks for bearing with me as I share the things I am learning with those who haven’t been able to make the trek over here for this conference.

3 things to consider about blogging.

I filmed this vlog at BlogWorld today, if you’re not a blogger or social media geek then you may want to skip this post but if you are a blogger or interested in the state of the blogosphere, especially in Australia, then press play and let me know what you think. Please. x

This is Louisa Claire, reporting from NYC with immense gratitude to Colgate for their support and sponsorship in sending me here.