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~Giveaway~ Teach Your Kids To Learn Another Language

{Giveaway closed: Congratulations to Beatrix from Beatrix Quills!}

Way back when I was at uni I spent some time learning about bilingual education for kids. I thought, and still think, it was a great idea. We all know that children are little sponges and so teaching them a second language from a young age is a wonderful gift. When I married a man who is half-Chinese I thought it was a done deal, our kids would grow up learning Mandarin.

It turns out it’s easier said than done.

It was a hard slog finding a bilingual school and when I did it was a 40minute drive each way and the kids needed to go at different times during the week. Sigh. Couple that with limited resources for to use at home to reinforce the learning and it all seemed too hard.

Enter Glottogon.

bilingual learning, teach mandarin, kids learn another language

Glottogon is a fantastic online store that sells books for children in a number of languages: Greek, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Chinese and others…

This is one of Bliss’ favourite books – it introduces basic Mandarin terms into the story about being a good friend. We read it a lot!

bilingual learning, teach mandarin, kids learn another language

Glottogon have also released a range of their own books which introduce basic concepts to young children like manners, days of the week and parts of the body. The books are available in English as well as a number of other languages – Bear is often found, cosied up in a char, with these in his hands. They are made from a nice thick material, perfect for little ones with great images and very clear layout. We love them!


bilingual learning, teach mandarin, kids learn another language

Glottogon also run a really fun Facebook page which I highly recommend checking out: Glottogon on Facebook

Thanks to the lovely folk at Glottogon I have a $50 gift voucher to be used in their store. Wohoo!

To enter simply jump over to the Glottogon website and come back to tell me what you would spend your voucher on.

Competition will close on Wednesday 6th June.
This voucher will be valid for use until June 30

So tell me, what would you do with your $50??




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Blogging Around Australia

If you are a parenting blogger in Australia you may be aware of the community network called Digital Parents – it’s a place where parent bloggers can share ideas, ask questions and get to know one another. Each month one blogger hosts a “blogging carnival” and as many bloggers as would like, are invited to contribute their favourite post from the previous month.

This month it’s my turn to host and so I’ve invited bloggers to share their favourite posts from the month of April. Below are their offerings – I hope you enjoy!

Digital Parents Blog Carnival, aussie bloggers

Sarah from Mum’s The Word. A tongue in cheek poem on how to be politically correct. Why don’t you learn to bleat?


Beck from The Rambling Mummy talks about the end of her breastfeeding journey. Breastfeeding: 12 weeks


Karen from Melting Moments and other sweet parenting adventures shares a recipe: Berry Pancakes to Please Fussy Easters


Parental Parody talks about Miss 6s perfect suitcase versus her own. Suitcase packing, in a perfect world.


Beatrix from Beatrix Quills. It’s about not milestone-watching, and just enjoying the ride! I love to watch her grow.


Denyse from Denyse Whelan – Education Specialist writes on her blog each week, helping parents navigate starting school, and more. She enjoys meeting up with families too, in her current role as an Education Specialist. Denyse’s blog’s name has now changed to reflect her new directions: Denyse Whelan-Education Specialist. ‘Tales of School Days’.  This week’s post is Teaching Is A Love Job

You can follow Denyse on Twitter here: Denyse Whelan


Michaela from 5 Frogs On A Blog shares how Channel 9, bad hair and a Bongo calf ruined her day: Three Freaking Seconds…or how I was upstaged by a Bongo calf.


Michelle from Farmers Wifey explains why she’s living in a shed. Seriously. House Update


Laney from Crash Test Mummy on 10 signs there’s a toddler living in  your home!


Tat from Mum in Search. Her guest Faith Evans-Sills shares some insights that have truly changed the way I parent: Parenting Mindfully.


Janelle from Me and Mia. It’s hard to narrow down the wishes you have for your child into just 5! Listography – Top 5 wishes for my child.

You can follow Janelle on twitter here: Me and Mia


and my little post for the month is: 52 Ways to Live Your Best Life!

Thanks for popping by and checking out all these great posts. It’d be super lovely if you could pop over and read and comment on 1 or 2 that really stand out to you!


Have a great day.





A Season of Hopefulness, Anticipation and Fear.

There’s nothing quite like a pregnancy to make you feel helpless.

I’m in that awkward phase; in between DR appointments that reassure me that all is progressing well and that bubs is safe and thriving and yet not feeling bubs moving around, giving me that wonderful constant comfort that all is well.

I don’t look pregnant – just fat(ter) so no tummy to prove to the world myself that this is real, and at the same time I’m starting to feel well again, less nauseua, less tired – this is a blessing, an answer to prayer and yet it leaves me…anxious.

I cannot tell you how much I long to see that little heartbeating on the screen again.


I bought the sweetest little outfit for the baby today…maybe he/she will be known as Little Owl? I bought it as an act of faith; that all is and will remain, well. I’ve done this with each of my other pregnancies and have loved having a special little outfit for the baby to wear in hospital – something just for them. 


When I look at the deep excitement in my daughters face, and listen to the enthusiasm in her voice as she speaks of “our baby” my heart feels so happy and overwhelmed with the love in her and yet terrified at the same time.

What if??

Even saying these words out load is terrifying. What if I am pre-empting something by writing this? I don’t believe that of course, but my goodness….the helplessness I feel right now is just so constant.


 Maybe I’ll wake up tomorrow and throw up in the driveaway as I race out the door. It’s a strange world to live in when that is something you actually wish for. 


10 little feet…

Louisa Claire, having a baby


Father asked us, “What was God’s noblest work?” Anna said, “Men”, but I said “Babies”. Men are often bad, but babies never are.
Louisa May Alcott




Dear Australian Labor Party, I think you’ve missed the point…

My husband looked at me last night and said “There was a moment in time, where we had Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turbull leading the parties; two reasonable men… and now we have this.”

I am so angry right now, so angry. And stupefied.


Dear Australian Labor Party,

I think you have missed the point. When you almost lost the last election it wasn’t because people stampeded to the right of your policies. It was because they went left. I’m not sure if you missed that lesson in kindergarten where you learnt the different between your left and right but now might be a really good time to figure it out.

When you lost votes, it was not because people felt your policies were too “radical” (can we even believe that caring for people might be considered radical!) nor was it because people felt your policies were too soft, as much as the opposition liked to bang on about it. It was because people realised there there was the Liberal Party, the Labor Liberal Party and the Greens. People (for the most part) didn’t actually vote for the Greens because they wanted them in power, they voted out of PROTEST.

Stop being so bloody worried about polls and what you think people want and do the things that are supposed to be at the core of your party values.

Do that, and you might find yourself pleasantly surprise.





p.s. I realise that not everyone will agree with my take on politics, but I really needed to get this out.



I Started A Business With A Baby Part 1.

I started my business, Brand Meets Blog, when my youngest child was a mere 4 months, and my oldest had just turned 3. I had a passion for blogging and the blogging community and felt I had something to offer; thanks to the enthusiastic enthusiastic encouragement of my mentor, Alli Price and my supportive husband I took the plunge and set up shop.

I had absolutely no idea what I was in for!

The business took off and before I knew it I was struggling to get everything done. I loved the work and was thrilled to see the business growing so fast but along with the excitement came an unease about the amount of time I was investing in it, and the corresponding lack of time being invested at home – particularly quality time for my husband. While I could mostly work during the kids sleep, taking the baby with me to meetings and interstate events while my daughter was at her kinder/childcare meant that kids were still getting a lot of me…my poor husband was the one missing out.

running a business with a baby,

With Bear at the Qld Kelloggs Mum event

The business community, especially online, is rich with passion and diversity. What I really needed though, was someone to hold my hand and tell me how to do it with two kids in tow. I started looking around and listening to the tales of other business owners. I heard from some women that they worked through the night, or while in hospital days after giving birth. I heard from others that they dedicate whole portions of the weekend to work, while their husband takes over the reigns in the house. While making sense to me, none of these options felt like they were right for our family.

You could say I wanted it all – the part time job that fit flexibly around the family and allowed me to fulfil my mothering instincts while being an awesome wife. Doing it all with a sparkling sink and a sweet smile of course!

After months of working til middnight every night, I decided I needed to make some changes.

One day I stumbled across an article entitled “I started a business with a baby” – hooray! A woman who could tell me how to do it, or at least how she did it! I was totally dismayed when I started reading and discovered that this Mum had her child in childcare full time – not because of any opinion about childcare but because what I so desperately wanted to hear was that I could do this without going down that route. Like many mums in business, I’d started this with the dream of family flexibility, and instead found myself with less time than before. I was trying to find a way out and after reading another article that wasn’t where I wanted to go I decided that in the absence of a roadmap I was going to have to forge my own path.

As much as I’d like to take credit for this realisation, I must acknowledge the gentle prodding of my husband in this process; he reminded me of the things I’ve always said and always stood for as well as that I wasn’t on my own, this wasn’t a burden that was “mine” but “ours”. He’s a wise man, and I’m very grateful for his patience!

My first step was to set some boundaries – no more working every night. I allowed myself 3 nights a week to work – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday – and the rest were to be away from the computer. The second set was to outsource by taking on staff to help with my work, as well as a cleaner to help with the housework.

All this was guided by an over-riding principle about my priorities. I decided that I want to finish the day feeling like I’ve spent time with the kids and my husband – that comes first. While I could have worked full time and gotten everything done, that wasn’t part of my vision for my family or my work. I decided that outsourcing, though limiting my earning potential, wasn’t going to send me backwards and would mean that I was better able to stick to my priorities.

Making the decision NOT to work 24/7, and not to focus on the financial aspects of a business can be a frightening step. We live in a society that largely assesses success based on the fiscal circumstances and growth of both individuals and businesses. By letting go of that yard stick, I’ve released myself to forge a path that is distinctly right for us. I’ve realised that if I wasn’t working, I’d be doing “something” because that’s part of who I am – feeling guilty about my desire and passion for work is futile; however letting it take over my life is dangerous.

I continue to love me work and to work very hard at it but I’m also making sure I take the time to both enjoy and nurture my family. For me, this is a choice I’m more than willing to make!

Are you a mum in business, or thinking about that step? What are your big challenges, choices or questions about “having it all”?