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Where Is Jesus In My Blog?

I was planning to write a post tonight about how incredibly unprepared I am for the 1st of December (let’s not mention the fact that I am yet to buy a single Christmas present!) and how I thought that was OK because I think most of us are wanting to teach our kids about the non-commercial aspects of Christmas and being a bit simple was probably quite a good thing. And then I got into one of those wierd daydreams about what my funeral would be like if I died – wierd leap, I know (please tell me you occassionally do this too?) and I realised that the people who have known me in my past and everyday life would have a very different picture of me than many of those who read my blog and know me online.

People in real life would know me as a bit of a Jesus freak. Not in a preachy way (not since school anyway) but in a studied at Bible college way, was a Children & Families Minister and Authorised Lay Minister in a Church kind of way, and that up until Bear was born I was the Early Childhood Ministries facilitator for the Baptist church in the state of VIC.

Those who know me through my blog would possibly know that I have a faith of some sort – depending on how long and often you’ve been reading my blog – but mostly you’d know me as a Mum and possibly “bloggy/brandy type person”.

So why I am writing this? Because the people who could testify to my life would (I hope) say that Jesus is in my life, in my home, in my kids lives, in my husbands life – we don’t just go to church on Sundays but we are Jesus people.

Where is Jesus in my blog?

I’ve not been intentionally not talking about my faith, it’s just not been on my mind to blog about…I don’t even know what it would look like for Jesus to be in my blog – I know what I wouldn’t want it to be like – preachy, dogmatic, arrogant. Maybe it’s been my fear of sounding like that or perhaps more that it takes so much work and emotional energy to write thoughtful posts let alone a thoughtful post about faith that I’ve been putting it off…I don’t know. I don’t know what this means either but I just know that tonight I need to say Jesus is in my blog because he’s in my life.

And now I shall tell you a story, about a teenage girl in a hotel room in Darwin in 1996 on a school camp. I was that girl (did you guess?) and I remember as clear as anything the room where I was, the Bible I had with me and most significantly, I remember God telling me (not audibly, but personally) that I was to spend my life serving in vocational Christian ministry (ie my job would be working in the church). At the time I was in a Sydney Anglican church and so there wasn’t the option of becoming an ordained minister, but I knew that being in the church was where my future was. Over the 15years since I’ve moved in that direction, done ministry traineeships, Bible college, come to a theological viewpoint (which is to say, I think the Bible says it ok) that women can be ordained but that that’s not where I am at personally right now. It was only this year when I went back to the Baptists when Bear was 4 months old (who by the way – wonderful employers!!) and had a mini-meltdown going back to work with a 3yo and 4month old who were both at home with me at the time (yes, I now recognise that was not a very sensible thing for me to do) when I realised I could still be called to ministry but work doing something else through this very unique season of life. It was only then that I kind of fell into social media/blogger engagement consulting – which I love, am good at and can work around family life (yay, yay, yay!)

But it doesn’t change what and who drives me, so if I die and you happen to go to my funeral – whether you’ve known me in the past in the present or simply online I want you all to know the same thing about me – Jesus is in my blog, because He’s in me.


How To Be A Happy Mum

How are you feeling today? Happy? Flat? Excited? Stumped? I’ve got something super lovely to share with you today that’s bound to get you smiling.

The incredibly gorgeous and wonderful Naomi, from Seven Cherubs, has dedicated a big part of her own life to the pursuit of happiness, and sharing practical ways to encourage others to join her. Her latest (and possibly greatest, thus far) way of doing this has been to release an ebook called “Pockets Of Happiness“.

Pockets Of Happiness, Naomi Ellis

Naomi says,

I am a seeker of happiness. Meaning: I am on a journey to discover what really makes me happy. Since having children I have felt the importance to seek for this happiness in a greater capacity.

For some people happiness comes easily, for me not so easy. I really have to work hard each day to find and see the good in my life and I have to remind myself that the enjoyable, fun time in my life is now. That there is no need to wait for it,happiness can be for me today.

My goal and journey is to find that happiness now. To reach a place where I feel content with my life just the way it is and to not rely on people or things to give me what I need to feel happy….

My hope is that this book will help you find small pockets of happiness each day and allow you to learn more about what makes you happy.


This is a book that lives up to it’s promises! What’s more it’s easy to read, not to long and very affordable at only $4.95!

A couple of my favourite sections in the book include the idea of borrowing happiness when you are just too tired and overwhelmed that you don’t know where to start, and the very practical happiness activities that Naomi has lovingly included.

Follow this link to buy Naomi’s Pockets of Happiness ebook


The Pay It Forward Giveaway

Today I’m giving away 4 copies of Naomi’s book and all I ask of the winner is one simple thing, to pay it forward. You don’t have to giveaway 4 copies, but if you win this ebook then please buy at least one that you can give away to someone else. Naomi is such a giving person, I really want to embrace that as we embrace happiness.

To enter please leave a comment below about anything to do with happiness, this ebook, why you’d like it or who you think you could give it to.

I will draw four winners on Sunday 4th December giveaway updated to Sunday 11th December due to recent blog hiccups.

Disclosure: I purchased my own copy of this book and let Naomi know that I wanted to write this post. While she kindly offered some books for a giveaway I declined as I had already hatched my little pay it forward plan.


Social Media and Australian Women

How much time do you spend online? What do you spend that time doing? Are you a blogger and if so, are you curious about whether your readers are influenced by the things you say?

Yesterday Kellie O’Brien from Three Lil’ Princesses and Mum PR and I launched a survey looking into Social Media & Australian Women. We will be sharing the results with everyone publically once we have them and hope that no only will they be really interesting but hopefully useful for bloggers and small business owners.

I have embedded the survey below and have also been sharing via twitter and Facebook, as has Kel. There are two things we’re asking of you.

1. Take the survey yourself. There was feedback on Easy Peasy Kids’ facebook page yesterday from someone who took it and said “Been over and filled it in. Didn’t take long.”

2. Share the survey with your female friends, colleagues and family members. You can do that either by directing them to this blog post or by sending them to this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/6FZTBNV

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

Thanks so much for your time, we really appreciate it! Oh, and I almost forgot – we are giving away a $200 Coles Myer Gift Card to one lucky person who responds to the survey.


5 Reasons The Octonauts Make Great TV for Kids {& Giveaway}

The Octonauts are a team of underwater explorers who have taken the pre-school world by storm with their fun catch-phrases, quirky personalities and brave adventures. Explore, Rescue, Protect! Anyone?

Because I try to limit the amount of TV Bliss watches, I am also careful about which shows she sees and I’ve been really impressed by this show. This is a good thing because, as I’ve mentioned before, Bliss is a devoted fan of the Octonauts!

Here are 5 reasons I think The Octonauts make great TV for kids…

1. I Bliss learns stuff! I have learnt a ton about sea life and Bliss has too – I’m always impressed by the way they integrate the non-fiction elements into the story in a way that’s fun and engaging.

2. It fosters imaginative play. Bliss can play “Octonauts” for hours and hours and though her characters have the same names as the ones in the show, the way she develops their personalities is a world apart. I love watching her explore her imagination and make up a whole world that she is so wonderfully captured by.

3. There’s no bad guy. I love that everyone works together, making their own unique contribution without it being saccharine.

4. Following on from the above point, there’s a great lesson in empathy that runs through each episode – with the characters having to see the world from someone else’s perspective. I love that!

5. The length! Each episode runs for around 11-13minutes. It’s enough time for me to get a load of washing on the line, or make a quick phone call without the episode finishing in the middle of it. It’s also easy to you can watch x number of episodes and then the TV goes off.

If you’ve never seen an episode before you can catch them on the ABC4Kids website here: The Octonauts or you can enter to win one of 3 new release DVDs of “To The Gups” below.

Octonauts, The Octonauts, Octonauts DVD


First prize is a copy of The Octonauts: To the Gups, Bananas in Pjamas: The Majic Trick (not yet released but will be available instore from Dec 1)  and Yo-Gabba-Gabba (not yet released but will be available instore from Dec 1) . Total RRP $60

Second prize is a copy of The Octonauts: To the Gups RRP $19.99

Third prize is a copy of The Octonauts: To the Gups RRP $19.99

To enter please leave a comment below telling me about the favourite kids TV show in your household. The winners will be drawn after 5pm on Sunday 11th December.

Winners must have an Australian delivery address.

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Bringing Baby Home

Bringing your baby home is such a momentous experience! When we brought Bear home last year, it was a hugely emotional day for everyone…the start of a whole new chapter in our family.

Today I’m taking a little trip down memory lane, care to join me?

todder new sibling


toddler new baby, siblings


new baby


family, toddler new sibling

It was a beautiful day…

Do you remember bringing your baby/ies home from hospital? What stays with you the most about the experience?


5 Housekeeping Tips For The Domestically Challenged

If you’ve been reading this block for a while or if you’ve ever been to my house then you’ll know that I am no suzy homemaker! Here are five of my tried and true tips to do the absolute bare minimum when it comes to housework…

1. Do it straight away. It will always be easier and take less time if you just tidy up straight away.

2. If caught out, shut the door. What else is there to say but when you get that unexpected visitor or when it all gets to much, grab the nearest washing basket and stuff, run and shut!

3. Flowers are a great distraction…but make sure you bin them when they start to shed/die!

4. A clean and clear kitchen table and toilet go a long way to making your appear in control and clean…ish.

5. Know your strengths and if you can afford it, outsource.

housekeeping, domestic distaster

And as with most good things in life, do as I say not as I do.

Are you a domestic diva or a domestic failure? What’s your best housekeeping tip?