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Given In Love…

Made by my girl, a gift from my husband…

favourite jewellry



Do you have a favourite piece of jewelry?


My Hair – My Vanity

Are you anything like me when it comes to hair? Do you find that if you feel good about your hair you are more likely to feel good about everything else about your appearance?

My poor mother (Hi Mum!) can testify to the tears I’ve shed about my hair over the years. It’s thick, hard to “do” and there’s a lot of it.

I get to the hair dresser about twice year and so, in a vain effort to compensate, have been splurging on Salon Shampoo & Conditioner (namely Aveda and Kerastase) for the past few years. Even though it costs $100 it also lasts around 6-8 months so it’s not as much as it sounds and it makes me feel like I’m doing something to look after my hair.

A few weeks ago I received some Pantene in the mail.

If there is one supermarket brand of shampoo I do not buy it’s Pantene. I’ve heard all the tales about how it coats and damages your hair and that Pantene is like the wolf in sheeps clothing of shampoo.

No way!

However. I didn’t buy this shampoo, it was sent to me. So that’s different right? Having run out of the Salon Shampoo and being too tight to buy anymore I decided to give it a go.

Oh. My. Goodness.

I am in love. My hair! Oh, my hair! It’s no so much that it feels lovely (though it does) it’s that my hair now does itself. I wash, mousse and maybe do a little rough blow dry and voila!


Those photos may not rock your world but I have done nothing to my hair in either of them aside from get up. I haven’t brushed my hair, I haven’t styled it. Nothing. I just got up. To me, that’s pretty darn fantastic!

And in the name of keeping it real, here’s a photo I took right now – total bed hair, still in my PJ’s having washed my hair last night…

Pantene Nature Fusion


The range I’ve been trying is…

Pantene Nature Fusion
Pantene Nature Fusion Shampoo & Conditioner (and some other thing I haven’t tried yet)
Wella Pro Volume Mousse Wella Pro Series Volume Mousse

And at about $14 for the set that’s much more friendly for the hip pocket. Of course, I’ve now run out of the shampoo and it’s only been 6weeks or so which means that over 6 months it costs more like $56 which is still half the price of Aveda or Kerastase (though I do think I got almost a year out of the Aveda once so…)

The real win for me has been that I don’t have worry about “doing” my hair. Being time poor,and having spent my whole life trying – unsuccessfully – to figure out how to do my hair, this is HUGE for me (and why I decided to write about it).

What hair products do you use? Have you tried or would you try Pantene?


I received the Pantene and Wella Volume Mousse and a few other items free of charge. I was not asked to write about them, nor was I paid to write this post.

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What’s In Your Wardrobe?

Let me start this post by saying that I am no fashionista! If you’ve met me in person, it will be blindingly obvious that I don’t care about fashion trends and the like. I buy what I like and think suits me, when I can afford it.

Over the years I’ve increasingly adhered to the saying “You get what you pay for” and have opted for fewer, better quality items over lots of cheap stuff. After Bliss was born I really decided that I needed to live in the moment and stop waiting for the time I would able to wear x, y or z. I decided I could be a Mum, not be a size 10 and still look stylish and I started to buy clothes that I loved, regardless of whether they were on the front page of a Country Road catalogue. Now, I still would never describe myself as stylish (nor would anyone else) but I no longer care because I feel happy with my clothes and I have picked up several pieces that I really love…

Exhibit A – I love this green jacket!

BUT I also hate to throw things out and so can find myself with a wardrobe stuffed full of goodness knows what, feeling like I have absolutely-nothing-to-wear.

On Saturday I culled. Hard. Two garbage bags full  of clothes that I either don’t like anymore or that I like but never wear. Gone. And a drawer now full of maternity clothes that have been put away and will not be worn again until there’s a baby in my belly!

I was left with this…

Oh my gosh, my pants are hanging up! I have room to hang up my pants!! (I really need to get out more, hey? Crap, I just realised I did this on Saturday night. Yikes!)

My growing collection of scarves – I have a whole post to come on accessories!


Yesterday I got up and got dressed without giving it a seconds thought. This morning it was the same – I didn’t even register until I was already dressed that I was heading to a Fashion Trade Show this morning. No panicking – no freaking out about my hair (post on that coming too!); just dressed and ready to go.


Louisa Claire

Loving my new wardrobe, even if it’s mostly full of old clothes.

What’s in yours?


A Healthy Breakfast, A Healthy Me?

Yesterday I went to Brisbane for my third Kellogg’s Mums brunch. I had such a wonderful day spending time with bloggers I don’t often get to see and wish I’d had more time with them.

Kellogg's Mummy Bloggers

With Kel from Be A Fun Mum and Cath from Squigglemum and our boys!

Say cheese!

At each of these events we’ve talked about breakfast, what our morning routine is like and what our concerns are around cereal. In our the cereal intake has pretty much exclusively been the Aldi version of Weetbix and porridge. I thought that was because they were my preferred options for health (read: sugar and salt) reasons but have realised that it’s actually because we shop at the market and Aldi and rarely go to the supermarket to buy groceries.

Since finding myself with a few packets of cereal in the house, the kids have been inhaling eating them and I’ve realised a few things.

1. Cereal is yum.

2. My kids love cereal.

3. I don’t think about whether the kids are getting a rounded diet enough. I am conscious of the “treat” food, milk (mainly because Bliss goes through it like it’s going out of fashion) and water and give occasional thought to salt but that’s about it.

4. I need to think more about fibre and protein.

5. I am not concerned about my kids eating cereal like Sultana Bran, Special K, Just Right, Guardian etc…for breakfast, in fact it could be complementing their daily intake of necessary nutrients.

6. My biggest concern about breakfast is me.

Until recently I regularly skipped breakfast. I’m conscious that Bliss is now at an age where it’s important to eat with her as a model of behaviour and I have no idea what I should eat.

As I have shared before after Bliss I gained a lot of weight which I lost before falling pregnant with Bear and am now trying to lose it again and I have no idea what sort of food I should be eating for breakfast to aid that process.

Do you have any suggestions?




Changing Direction

I’m writing this from a hotel bed in Brisbane while little Bear plays in the cot next to me. How long before he gets cranky and I have to stop writing is anyone’s guess but I’m going to give this post a shot…

Being a blogger has taken me on an interesting journey recently; I’ve had so much to share about it but this hasn’t felt like the right place to do it. I know that few people reading are interested in the ins and outs of blogging and as that’s something I’ve been really interested in recently I’ve been writing about it elsewhere and trying to find the words to write here.

As I drove through the city last night it occurred to me that the non-bloggers who read my blog might think this is the strangest thing. Talking about “online community” and “asking twitter” can seem at best bizarre and at worse, a hollow replacement for real friendship. Even the term “being a blogger” probably sounds a little strange.

Today I want to share with you a bit about what makes blogging special and why those terms aren’t as troublesome as they may seem.

Why do people blog? Some people blog because they want to write; they have stories to tell and blogging is their platform. Others write because they want a record of their childrens lives, some because it’s cheaper than therapy and others because they are isolated. I’m not a story-teller; no one is going to come knocking on my door with a book deal! I blog for myriad reasons and am thankful for the record this blog offers me of the many little moments in life that I would otherwise forget, for the way this blog saved my sanity after Bliss was born and for the friends I’ve made through it.

I know, I know. I just said I’ve made friends online. Nerd alert!!! Danger, Danger!!!

But it’s true.

Blogging is meant to be interactive and when that happens so does friendship. How do you interact? You leave a comment on a post, send an email, say hello on twitter or Facebook. It’s sometimes a little strange to realise that there are a whole group of people reading this blog but who never say hello. I don’t mind of course, it’s just that the nature of blogging is inherently social and it’s through those connections that real life and online meet.

Blogging, like any hobby, can be unhealthy particularly if you let it replace face-to-face relationships or if you let it take over your life. Blogging, like a lof of “screen” activities can be addictive and it’s definitely important to have boundaries BUT, just because it’s online doesn’t mean it’s not real.

This morning I’m catching up with a group of Brisbane bloggers over breakfast. I’ve met some of them previously but know all of them exclusively via blogging and twitter. Will it be strange? Not at all.

A couple of weeks ago I jumped in a car with 3 other bloggers and headed off to Gippsland for the weekend. We talked non-stop from the minute we got in the car, til the minute we got out. It was the most normal thing in the world.

When people start a blog it’s generally because they want to connect with people – be it their immediate family and friends who they want to stay in touch with, or a wider network of peers who share a common story or season with them. Blogging isn’t meant to be “write a post and be done”; the blog post is just part of the conversation.

When was the last time you joined in a conversation with a blogger? If it’s been a while then start today! In fact, radical thought, if you are (still) reading this post today then please let me know – even if you’ve never commented before I’d love you to do so today. Tell me something about yourself, or your blog or your story. You can email me if you want or say hi on Facebook if you’d prefer. However you do it, I’d love for you to say Hi.

Have a great day!


Thanks For That Dad.

My Dad does not ‘get’ social media…in fact he just barely gets technology. While he’s now able to navigate “the email” and his mobile phone, he has zero time for social media.

Spurred on by an ‘insightful’ comment last night, I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane reflecting on how far he’s come.

It all started back when he gave me a mobile when I went to university. It was such a huge deal, I can still remember him giving it to me and how excited I was.

He however, had no idea how it worked – mainly how much it would cost.

That was nothing compared to the time he thought that using a cordless phone was the same as a mobile and charged by the minute. Oh the hilarity (and teenage angst that he had to deal with in response – poor guy).

Then there was the time he got a mobile of his own and was learning to text. He’d send a text only to call me straight away to see if it worked.

Let’s just there were a lot of these…

“Hi, it’s Dad”

“Hi it’s”

“Did you get this?”

Sound familiar?

Since the dawn of Facebook and then Twitter Dad has been very vocal about his disdain towards new media. He thinks that social networking is for morons, contributes to illiteracy, and is for losers with too much time on their hands.

Charming, no?

It’s all quite funny really, but tonight came the best quote yet (one I found more than a little humorous considering the reason I am in Sydney at the moment is due to blogging and social media!) Drum roll please; my Dad’s insights on the place of social media:

“When I’m King of the Universe I’m banning twitter and whatever that other shit thing is (Facebook).”

Thanks Dad.

Have you got a family member like this. What dooseys have they come up with?