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To Be A Little Girl Again

Recently Bliss has been making her way into our bed a little more often than we would like.

We may even have become one of those families where the husband has to seek refuge on a couch or in the child’s bed because there simply isn’t room for him in his own.

More than once I have woken up recently with both children AND the cat in bed with me…and no husband.

It’s not great on a number of fronts but today I took a little trip down memory lane and into my daughters’ mind.

We had an afternoon “rest”, all together in one bed. I was doubtful but as I lay there, snuggled up with Bear and with Bliss watching a movie on my phone resting next to me I felt her snuggle in too. I lay there, sandwiched between the two little ones I love the most and remembered being a kid, snuggled in between my parents and thought of Bliss and her midnight visits.

No wonder she loves it! It really is a beautiful feeling to be snuggled up with the people who love you the most.

Ah, to be a little girl again.



Seriously. Where Were The Parents?

Have you ever heard a story about something happening to a child and thought Seriously?! Where were the parents? And possibly huffed/thought/said Some people!!!!

A friend told me this week about a 2year old who had their finger bitten off by a goat and my first reaction was, where were the parents?? The Architect gave me this look and reminded me of how quickly children move. I guess sometimes a goat just wins.

Anyway, obviously that reminder was not sufficient for me, I needed to add a bout of bad-parenting-humiliation in to really get the message through as today, a few hours after arriving in Sydney, I put Bear into the high chair at my folks place while I went on my merry way sorting out food for Bliss and other bits & pieces. He’s been sick and very sooky today but he was enjoying the high chair and I was enjoying the peace.



Seriously?? Where were the parents!!!



And this is where my family reminds me that we are the real-life version of the Walker Family from Brothers & Sisters and that it would be really useful if I could figure out how to have three-way conversations on my phone so I could talk to my Mum & Dad at the SAME time rather than constantly hanging up on one to talk to the other and then hanging up on them so I could talk to the other again and relaying all the same information only to turn around and see my Uncle and Cousin walking up to Emergency as I am taking the kids out of the car because while I was talking to one parent the other called them, and they were with my grandparents who live just nearby and so they came to help while Mum & Dad made there way to us from the city.

With Uncle TJ, who the staff thought was my husband (hysterical).

It was actually quite handy having them there.

With my Uncle, the baby whisperer, who the Dr thought was the patient (also hysterical).


Then in the cage, cot.


It really is more of a cage…


And doesn’t he look like such a baby when he’s just in his nappy?

So the take home points:

* Babies who fall and hit their heads don’t have to wait at Emergency

* Babies can move fast

* Despite what you think, 6month old babies can wriggle out of seats…especially if they aren’t *ahem* strapped in properly, and then catapult themselves onto the floor. This is not a good thing.

* Having a family like mine has an upside :)


The end.


Vintage Prints

This gorgeous print arrived in the post on Monday….isn’t it AMAZING??

Her name is Louisa and she has red hair!! Now if only I could sew….


I am completely in love and they have the most amazing and beautiful collection of old-fashioned prints. The Louisa one is from the 1950s. I first came across Vintage Prints at the Rose St Markets and it was love at first site.

The collection is gorgeous, you must check it out! Here’s a small sample of their offerings…


Vintage Prints is owned and operated by Martine & Drew Booth in Olinda, VIC. You can find them online here


This is not a sponsored post just a cute find from another Australian small business that I thought you might like and wanted to share with you.

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Parenting For Dummies

I am writing this feeling quite chuffed with myself. Tonight I did the dishes and mopped the floor BEFORE sitting down at the computer. *Radical*

I’ve written a post over on Mummy Bloggers Blog about Giveaways , replied to some emails and now I’m at a bit of a loss. I’m used to sitting down at night with a million little things to do and jumping hurridly between them all…not tonight. Tonight, I might even step away from the computer. I’d best do it slowly and carefully lest I go into rapid detox.

While I’m gone I’ll leave you with some fun pics from some Mummy-Bliss playtime that’s been slotted in amidst a lot of imperfect parenting this past week…



If ever I’ve wanted confirmation that bad behaviour and parental attention are linked I’ve found it this week.

BUT, as I’ve looked at the sweet smiling faces of my kids it’s like my brain has switched on again and I know (again), with every fibre of my being, that everything I do, I do for these kids. I finally “get” that when the million little things pile up and threaten to crash down on my like an avalanche I can take a step back and realise that actually, nothing will collapse, it will all be there waiting for me. These kiddos won’t though, they are growing up so darn fast and it’s happening right before my eyes; I’d better make sure I stop and take notice.

Do you have ever moments like that?



Battle Of The Baby Butt: Part 1

This morning I had my first PT session. I wore my new sneakers and didn’t get any blisters.

Not a bad start. As long as the end result isn’t this, I’ll be a happy girl.

I’m thinking I’m safe for a while yet…

I finished the session on the mat, stretching with Bliss to my right, also stretching and Bear to my left, laughing.

Zoe, my PT, is a very lovely and accommodating woman!

I’m going back Thursday for more…hopefully by then I’ll be able to walk without feeling like my jelly legs are going to collapse under me.

The highlight of the morning was at the end of the session when Bliss reached into my bag and pulled out by box of Moxie’s, opened them and showed the male PT saying “These are my Mummies. They are special for her.”

Oh yeah, being a Mum is all shades of awesome! ;)




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If They Were Teenagers…

Stolen kisses

After the moment

…this would be an entirely different story.

More photos of the day itself are on the Everything Is Edible Facebook Page.