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She Wanted A Playmate…

For as long as he was snuggled safe and warm in my womb, she has longed for a playmate.

Since his arrival, she has bathed him, hugged him, kissed him and has become quite adept at changing a nappy.

Now, as he nears 5 months of age she finally has her playmate.

Oh what a ride this is going to be!

Last week she put on a puppet show for him…

puppet showpuppet show for baby

Today they played with toys in the living room…

I think I love these moments

as much as she does,

and he will.


My Baby Is Growing Up So Fast. We Went To The Movies Today!

I can’t believe that I took my “big girl baby” to the movies today and she sat through the whole thing!

Many thanks to the lovely people at Porter Novelli for sending us off to see Gnomeo & Juliet.

Gnomeo & Juliet

I must admit, I was a bit nervous about taking my almost 3 year old and little bub along to a movie, but we went to a 10.30am session and were one of only 6 people in the cinema. That meant, we were half the crowd! This made me a very relaxed mama. Bear went straight to sleep, and my girl and I snuggled in for the flick. It was a beautiful thing indeed!

It was a great movie. I really enjoyed it and Bliss was entranced. The only slight hiccup was at the point that Papa Capulet said quiet emotionally to Juliet “I’ve already lost your mother and I don’t want to lose you!” and Bliss’ little lip wobbled, and she started to cry saying “What happened to the girl’s mummy? She lost her Mummy.”

Um….Ok. Unexpected teachable moment. Thankfully Mama Montague was onscreen quickly after that! We had a little chat about “mummy love” which seemed to reassure her. She looks pretty happy here anyway…of course that may have something to do with the box of popcorn that she’d just emptied!

at the movies

Thanks to Porter Novelli I have 2 double passes to the movie for one lucky reader. I hope the lucky winner will have as lovely a time watching it as we did. Obviously Romeo & Juliet the originial deals with some sophisticated themes and these are carried over into Gnomeo & Juliet, with a happier ending of course.

So, how to win these brilliant tickets you ask??

Simple! Leave a comment below letting me know you’d like to win & make sure you are subscribed to this blog or following me here or on Facebook.

I will draw a winner on Friday 4th March after 6pm.


To get you in to the Gnomeo & Juliet groove, check out the trailer…


Grateful For Boys. Beautiful, Beautiful Boys.

I love these three boys.
Only one of them is mine, but the other two might as well be.
These photos fill my heart with love and hope.
Hope for what might be, hope for friends in the making.
Big kisses my sweets

three boys


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Getting Real About Me Time

Me Time. We mothers talk about it a lot. Not getting enough, just had some, see it on the horizon, need it now, hand-me-a-large-pinot-stat.You name it, we’ve said it. But what is it exactly that we’re after?

I used to think it was time to myself, to do my own thing –  whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. But, I’ve come to realise that I was confusing ‘me time’ with a basic human need: rest.

Sleep and rest are essential. Hair cuts, waxing, grocery shopping and exercise are functional. Girl’s Nights Out, movies, and lunch dates and bonuses BUT they are life giving bonuses.

I think that when we talk about ‘me time’ what we are talking about is going beyond the essential and functional to that which is life giving; to those things that give us the added energy and ‘spark’ to approach life with enthusiasm.

I’ve included hair cuts and waxing as functional because for me, they are. Add a lunch or coffee date with a friend to them and they are life giving. However, for another person those activities might be truly refreshing. That is both the mystery and beauty of people – we have the same needs but different expressions of them.

It didn’t occur to me until recently that ‘doing my own thing’ used to mean catching up with friends.

It also didn’t occur to me until recently that it still does.

It’s just taken me almost 3 years to figure it out, and do it without feeling overwhelmingly guilty. Guilty about the time, the money and the fact I am doing something fun without The Architect.

As I alluded to in my former post, I’ve recently discovered that a Girls Night Out ticks all the boxes for me. Away from the kids, feeling special, space to talk and enjoy the company of a great friend.

The Architect enjoys after work drinks at the pub or trip to the footy.

The lingering thought is, what about us time? Time for The Architect and I to share our dreams, talk about things other than the kids and eat without wondering which child will start crying first. Time to remember all the reasons we fell in love, rather than the reasons that sustain our love each day. It’s the latter than build a strong marriage but it’s the former that stir the heart.

Me Time. It’s pretty bloody important. For one, it gives you the space to realise it’s time to stir your heart again.


Two Things Making Me Smile Today


Sorry for the caps, I am just that excited.

Though it falls on my birthday, my 30th no less, I’ve been given the A-OK from The Architect and my Mother to attend the conference. Family birthday celebrations shall happen in the evening.


2. Today I published my first post for the Boutique Children’s Store Little YoYo Styles blog. What’s more there’s a $50 Gift Voucher up for grabs as part of the post. Go and have a look and enter! (pretty please). I’ll be writing over there every Wednesday.

Oh happy day!

Hope your day has being equally delightful!



Why I Am Not A Hairdresser (Or, Don’t Try This At Home Folks!)

I am a bad, bad mother.

I turned my daughter’s lush, long, beautiful hair into something short and not so lush.

What was I thinking??

Thankfully she is too young to realise
Thankfully my husband is a generous man.
Thankfully her hair grows quickly.
Thankfully there are still 5 weeks until my birthday party where we will be taking photos.

Thankfully, she is a gorgeous little girl who loves me anyway. (Did I mention the part about her being too young to realise what an idiot her mother is?)

Lesson: If you want to cut your child’s hair and they finally agree to sit still so you can do it, take a deep breath and take a snip into the unknown because you just never know what the result will be…

This is Bliss two weeks ago

beautiful girl

This is Bliss today

hair cut

Oh and adding to the things I am feeling sick about, I seem to have lost my wedding rings. ARGH! But *shhh* I’ve haven’t confessed that to The Architect yet.

*UPDATE* After a day of getting used to it, I now think her hair looks cute. She just looks so much more like a little girl.  And she is a little girl so that’s appropriate. Also, after three days of looking I confessed to The Architect about my rings. He found them in 5 minutes. As it happens, I am not very good at “looking”!