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Our Little Bear


Big Sister, Little Brother

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It’s a….


Thurs 7th Oct
8pounds8 or 3.8kg

We are thrilled, to say the least!


Helping the baby…already!

Today I was standing in the kitchen rubbing the oil mix onto my belly while the girl sat with HH eating dinner.

“Watcha doin’ Mummy?” she asked

“The baby isn’t ready to come out yet so Mummy is rubbing her belly to help it get ready” said HH

“Watcha doin’ Mummy?” she asked again.

“I’m doing what Daddy said, trying to help the baby so it can come and meet us.”

Later this evening as I walked the the kitchen she stopped me and put her hands on my belly. Then she pulled my top up and skirt below my belly and started to rub it.

“Baby not ready yet.” she said thoughtfully.

“are you trying to help it get ready, like Mummy was?” I asked


“do you want to meet the baby too?”

“ye-ah. Just a second” she said running off. She returned holding a baby wipe which she proceeded to rub over me. “all done now. All ready.” she said looking up and me, smiling.

So beautiful…I wish it were so…

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