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Just a little bit hippie

I’m sitting at my computer covered in a combination of essential oils – clary sage, jasmine and almond.

I’ve eaten a whole pineapple and,

enjoyed (sort of) two cups of raspberry leaf tea.


I feel like a hippie. A failed hippie really as none of these remedies have yet produced labour.

Do I stay hopeful or let it go?

I heard from a friend today that she had her baby, a girl. 10 days early!! No fair! Thrilled for her though, of course :)


Best Buds

“Celebrating” 40 weeks at Justine Clarke!

That’s all I’ve got this morning…

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It’s 7.54am.

The husband is chasing the daughter around, changing a pooey nappy and getting her ready for the day.

The granny is putting on a load of washing.

Me? I’m still in bed, listening to (& thankfully not smelling) these activities and enjoying the cup of tea that’s been made for me.



Mum is here, and spring visited too!

After a rough week I’m feeling thankful :)

My mum is here and spring visited today too…it looked something like this.

When Mum is here every time a dish or cup is used it gets washed, dried and put away almost immediately.

When Mum is here the five loads of washing I did today get hung out, dried and put away.

When Mum is here she takes the girlie for a LONG walk and I get a rest.

When Mum is here she knits for the baby.

When Mum is here, things are good…and infinitely easier!

When Spring is here the hubs gardens,

and shows the girl the things he finds…like snails

and the girl enjoys playing with her daddy in the outdoors.

And for all these things and more, I am thankful.
(Thanks Maxabella & Seraphim for the post inspiration)

The name poll has changed and there’s a baby poll up now too – please take a minute to visit the blog itself (rather than just via email/feeder) to place your vote :)


Posting from the bedroom

Well, this is a first! Not only can I now use my iPhone in bed to play Words With Friends but I can blog!?!

Who would have thought?

Maybe I need an iPad? This could be very useful in hospital with bubs…

although I may then post photos that I later regret…newborns seem to addle ones mind a fair bit…you might find yourself looking at a photo of me pumping milk like a cow, or looking like a scarecrow in the middle of the night or something equally scarring.

On the other hand, it could be fun…


Are you an Aussie Blogger?

If you are an Aussie Blogger and have been around for a while you may remember WHERE THE BLOG ARE YOU? which was a great little community blog for a while. If you’ve started blogging in the past 12 months or so you may have missed it…either way,

As of Friday, there is a new community page for WTBAY and I’d love you to check it out and join in the fun!


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