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An interesting evening in our house

We had an interesting evening in our house last night.

Some time ago the little one’s cot started to get a bit wonky. Nothing serious but we knew that it wouldn’t be long until it was time for a big-girl bed and a new cot for #2. Seeing as our cot was a hand me down and including our girl, has catered for 4 children this was not a huge surprise!

On the HH’s way home from work he texted to ask how the kiddo was going. WHY OH WHY did he do this??? WHY OH WHY did I answer him! OF COURSE, only minutes after this exchange I started hearing chatter from her room. Hmpf.

I chose to ignore.

When the HH came in he decided he would take the opportunity to say hi to the kiddo. He returned with her in one hand and her sleeping bag and PJ’s in the other. The little one had undressed herself!


Not going back to sleep straight away then? Ok.

A little while later (say 10mins!) and perhaps after the beginnings of an over-tired meltdown it was back to bed time. I left the HH to do this while I ducked out to get some milk.

Upon my return I found both of them in the living room and the minute I walked into the door the girl burst into hysterical tears. Huh? “The bed broke” was the HH’s simple reply.

Yep. The bed rail had literally come off in the HH’s hand when he put her to bed and the kiddo was completely freaked out. We had no chance (or rather, no success) with getting her back into bed without a rail so we simply turned the bed around so the open side was facing the wall…hmmm…awesome?

Today the HH will start designing the big girl bed that we’ve been talking about and it looks like we will be upgrading this month and doing the toilet training in July rather than the other way around!

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Gosh, it has been a loooong time.

I was reminded of my blog today – it’s been a LOOONG time.

How are you all?

I am well, really well actually. Even with this growing inside me…

Turns out second time round can be REALLY different and what do you know, I am actually enjoying being pregnant!

Also, if you haven’t seen this before you should watch it. It brought tears of laughter to my eyes!


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