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Personality Transplant, Anyone?

Well Tuesdays was my SITS feature day, as you know. So now, after so many wonderful and kind people have visited my blog (and commented, YAY!) in addition to the already wonderful people who visit my blog I feel a teensy bit of pressure to write something really good!

I got nothing.

What I can share with you is a minor epiphany I had in the car this morning. Today was my last day at the Women’s Biblestudy at our church where we have worked and worshipped for just over 4 years.

I was praying as I drove that God would help me get through the morning – you know, to finish well. I was praying that I would be gentle, patient, gentle, kind, gentle…you get the picture. Basically all the things I am not by nature…or personality. Then it was like a lightbulb moment, but I suspect it was actually more the gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit, who pointed out that it was more than a little ridiculous to ask for a personality transplant any time I need to work through a difficult situation or have a tough conversation (which is basically what I do). More than that, it was a bit like praying to win the lottery and not buying ticket (NOT that I am advocating that…back to the point).

It then occurred to me that it would be far more useful to pray for God to use me as he made me, in just a more Godly fashion that I may, of my own volition, offer. See, I am a loud, brick through the (front!) window blunt, assertive (read confrontational), did I mention loud(?) person by nature! Praying for gentleness is not that useful.

So instead I asked God to help me be careful, thoughtful and gracious in my words and actions.

Careful, thoughtful and gracious. I get the feeling that’s something God can work with.

(sorry about any typos or grammatical errors, girl is crying – gotta run!)


Stunned Silence

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WOW! Thank you so much to all you kind bloggers who visited my blog the last couple of days. I am serious stunned! You see this happen on other blogs…but mine? WOW!

Thank you.

I’d love to have something else to say but you’ve left me speechless…enjoy the quiet, I’ll be back!!!

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A special hello to the SITS girls (and guys) with my first vlog!

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Subscribe & Win June – we’re back!!

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After a short hiatus Subscribe and Win is back!

What do you have to do to enter? Just subscribe to this blog via email.

This month up for grabs is an item of your choosing from Monster Threads.

I first came across Monster Threads at Glebe Markets with my husband in January. The HH LOVED their collection, which is full of funky designs at really reasonable prices, so he bought quite a few of their t-shirts. They are great!!

Have a browse at their online store and make sure you are subscribed.

These are two of the ones the HH has

and I really like this one (for me)!!

The winner will be announced at the end of June!


So, what do you do all day?

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I don’t know if this divide has happened to you, or if you have felt it happen around you but I saw this article a while ago on Cena’s blog and it really resonated with me, as did her corresponding post about it. Not in a harsh way but in a “Yeah, that’s it! That’s why I’m not racing for the phone the minute I have a minute! I’m not actually being a completely selfish and self-involved person, just a woman who is a Mum 24/7 and sometimes needs to take a breath”

Being a Mum is an awesome job but it really is a job – just a really good one you (mostly) choose to do! (and can I just say that getting up at 6am every day [6.30am on weekends!] has been the best decision and I can’t believe I am actually saying that!! I really am a better Mum for having this ‘me-time’)

Like Cena I’m not sharing this article to find validation or comfort or because I think being a Mum is the hardest job in the world. I love being a Mum and I am so grateful that I get to be at home as much as I am – wouldn’t change it for a second. I’m sharing it because, well, because I liked it and because it’s my blog so I’m allowed too :)

You can also read it online here

Have you been on either side of this “fence”?? Do you think this is harsh, unfair or right on the money?? This is one of those posts where I’m keen for some feedback and happy to ask you for it :)


She says “I love you”

She doesn’t say it in words…or at least not in words that I can understand. She says it like this…

For a long time now the little one has expressed her affection by trying to be as physically close to the object of her attention as possible. Most often this has meant sitting or lying on top of them. Pictured above is one of Bliss’s favourite people. She LOVES this little boy and he in turn is endlessly patient with her. I suspect he doesn’t love her as much as she loves him, which is fair enough really – I don’t tend to respond with overwhelming love to a person whom I have to be constantly patient with (!) but he is gorgeous with her and his Mummy and I do love to watch them play!

Now that Bliss is 1, I’ve decided to slowly teach her other, more gentle, ways of showing her love.


Yesterday, I was the object of Bliss’ affection!! We were playing on the floor in her room and all of a sudden she wanted to sit on me, lie on me, be really close to me and I can’t tell you how special it made me feel!! I started to sing (silently) to myself “She loves me, she really loves me”.

Sad but true.

On other fun fronts we had a little tea party yesterday. Bliss, me and 3 teddies! It was very cute watching her get the hang of giving the teddies some tea, and me, and then herself – she’s growing up!!!