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Subscribe and Win Winner – January

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We have a winner for the awesome OTI Organiser and it is KARA!

Congratulations Kara!!!

I’ll be in touch to get your details and have it sent to you.

A big thanks to Emily and Sarah from OTI Organiser for donating this great prize!

Stay tuned for the Feb offer which will be revealed tomorrow.

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Remember this photo?

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I’ve just been reminded of this photo! She was sooooo little!


Just Some Thoughts On Being Australian

As I was driving along today I heard an song on the radio that made me feel very Aussie. Unfortunately the heat has robbed me of my memory so I can’t tell you what it was nor put up a You Tube video if it. Instead you can have this awesome song, the original is an old favourite of mine by Paul Kelly. This one is a remix


Following the discussions we’ve been having here it got me thinking what do I mean by “Aussie”? Why is it that certain things, a song, a smell, a taste, remind us of our country and cause us to feel patriotic? I feel Aussie when I hear a song like this one on the radio, when I’m at a BBQ chatting, drinking and enjoy the sounds and smells. I love this country when I wake up early and listen the birds chirp and when I go to the beach on a warm summer afternoon. There are so many emotions that are stirred up by all these experiences.

Fellow Aussies, I’d love to know what being as Aussie means to you! Please email me thebloggingaussie.at.gmail.com or leave a comment here with your thoughts. Hopefully there will be a few of you who who want to share so I can compile a list on the blog here for you all to see.


You know how I said she likes her food…?

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We start with a hearty breakfast of one crushed weetbix, some water to mush it up, a couple of heaped tablespoons of Vaalia yoghurt and 3 baby nectarines.

Yum, right?

Yep, Yum! Finished in no time…

And here’s my contented little girl after her brekkie.

She was content for about 30 seconds before…
more food was demanded.

Another couple of tablespoons of yoghurt

Nope. Still not happy. MORE FOOD MUM!!!

This mean Mum wasn’t buying though.
To give her time for the full message to get to her brain we went and visited Dad.
Result, one happy girl!

Upon seeing this, and her stinky nappy, I may or may not have muttered
“she’s your problem now” before bolting from the room.

Brought to you by “Moments in Awesome Parenting!”
Maybe my blog needs new title??


Guera asks…

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On a lighter note than my previous two posts, I’ve been interviewed! Guera from Roaming Aussie Mum did this a couple of weeks ago and invited people to be interviewed. The idea is that you ask a fellow blogger 5 questions which they answer on their blog, a more personal kind of me-me. I put my hand up, so here goes…

1. You have a gorgeous 9 month old baby girl. What’s been the most surprising thing for you about becoming a mother?

Being able to simultaneously love someone so much and be more frustrated at them than I have ever been at anything in my life before. Totally wasn’t expecting that.

2. If you could travel anywhere in the world (and money was no object) where would you go and why?

Gosh this is a hard one. I would love to go back to China and explore some more, if money was no object I’d go via Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and back via India. Love South East Asia!!

3. They’re turning the story of your life into movie. What’s the title and the genre? (Borrowed this from Fairlie, I liked it so much)

The title and genre? Gosh, that’s a hard one. I can tell you that Kate Winslet would play me. Love her and love the kind folk who’ve said on occasion that I look like her (I don’t. But it was nice that people thought so.) The genre would be romantic comedy and the title…”How to be an awesome parent, like me! (HA!!!)”

4. How has blogging changed you?

It has helped me discover my addictive personality! It’s also given me an outlet that has been invaluable as I’ve adapted to this thing called motherhood. I have found it endlessly cathartic and have been amazed at this thing called an ‘online community’ – who would have thought? It really does exist!

5. Tell us your favourite book, movie and song and why they’re you’re favourites(Please).

Favourite Movie – Notting Hill, just because I love the ending! Along Came Polly would also be up there. Song – not a huge music person but I think “I still believe” by Jeremy Camp. I find it so inspirational and hope that were I to go through something as devastating (which I hope I won’t!) that I would be able to make this my anthem or at least my inspiration. Book – so many to choose from, um…

oh OK, just because I have to pick ONE, I am going to go with Down Under by Bill Bryson – it is laugh-so-hard-you’ll-snort-and-wet-your-pants-in-public funny. And informative too. Funny and informative. Awesome. Anyway, so do you feel you know me better now? Maybe…

Would you like your turn to be interviewed? If so,

* Send me an email or a comment saying: “Interview Me”
* I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions :) You can then answer the questions on your blog.
* You should also post these rules along with an offer to interview anyone else who emails you or comments that they want to be interviewed.


Continuing thoughts that may make me unpopular

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This morning I have read two news articles that have left me speechless and more than a bit fearful.

This one reveals the number of Victoria Police officers who were caught speeding last year and were let off the hook. While many of these offences apparently occurred in the line of duty, “The Ethical Standards Department took no disciplinary action against any member caught speeding, a Victoria Police spokeswoman said” despite an Age investigation which revealed that “one in 12 caught did not have a good enough excuse to escape a fine or warning”(!!!)

Personally, this article was confirmation for me as I have seen police cars speeding more often than I should when they are travelling without lights and sirens. It’s also just so reassuring to know that they have no data on the number of off-duty police who are caught speeding.

Then I read this article about the treatment of an Aboriginal man in Katherine, NT by two police officers who have been ‘counselled’ but not ‘disciplined’ for their disgusting, racist and completely unprofessional behaviour. I think the Police Department in the NT are as culpable as the police officers. Why wouldn’t the officers behave like this if they know that there will be no repercussions for them!?

Don’t get me wrong. I am sure there are ‘good cops’ out there but someone in the PR department needs to start bringing them to light because as long as people are being degraded, 15 year olds being killed you won’t find me trusting a cop as far as I can throw them…and that won’t be far, I’m not very strong!

And while we’re on the subject, when exactly are the AFP going to be called to account for their actions surrounding the Bali 9? Why weren’t we, the people of Australia, more outraged by this action, or lack of?

Sorry, ranting here and will probably have to write a retraction later – I just can’t believe the lack of accountability in our ‘law enforcement’. It’s just like a green light to corruption.

I can’t help but wonder, if there’s no one to keep you accountable then how can we trust you?