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Setting the bar high!

My mother (yet again!) set the bar for motherhood quite high for me this week.

I mentioned earlier that I went up to Sydney for a quick visit this week. While I was there I decided to sterilise LP’s dummy. While it was bubbling away in boiling water LP woke up and got a bit distressed (it was a VERY hot day). I went to settle here and completely forgot about the dummy. I only remembered when I went back to the kitchen and smelt burning plastic. Yes, the dummy had melted into the bottom of the pan. Later that night I sheepishly told my Mother that I may have ruined one of her saucepans and told her what happened.

Her first response was said with emotion.

It was, “Have you got another dummy? “

Talk about priorities!!! Another example of parenting from Granny Maz!


A real little girl…

…growing up so fast!

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A note from my mother.

Sorry for being absent this week. LP and I made a last minute trip to Sydney this week to visit my grandfather in hospital with a broken bone. He was most cheered up by seeing his darling great-grand daughter and it’s fair to say that he and my Grandmother are more than a little besotted.

She has no idea how much her great-grandparents love her, but I hope that one day she will look at these photos and feel their love. I have a photo of me with my great-grandmother whom I am named after. It’s such a special photo for me. I am so thankful that LP will have so many.

Sydney friends, please don’t be offended that we didn’t see you. It was very much a short notice, family oriented trip.

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Introducing…a new foodgroup!

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an ode to my mobile…

I found another great blog today! You all know how much I love adding blogs to my google readers…Jen at Semantically Driven is my kind of gal! Not in the least because she is giving away a mobile phone. You may remember this post. My darling girl and my lovely Husband decided that my mobile phone would be fun to eat! So on top of little internet access this past week I’ve also been mobile phone-less :) What a communication bubble I live in I realised. As we don’t have a home phone we’ve both been relying on the one mobile…makes calling one another a tad difficult.

An Ode to my mobile phone

Oh mobile phone, oh mobile phone
you make my life complete.
I love to hear you ring a ding
a sound that is so sweet.

Who will be on the other end
To keep my mind in tact?
My access to the outside world,
Oh I love you, that’s a fact.

Will you return to me and let me hear
that beautiful sound once more?
I’ll take it even if it’s a telemarketer
It will be no chore.

Oh lovely Jen, you have the chance
to make my life complete.
I thank you for the chance to hear
a voice that to me will speak.


What really matters?

Lately I’ve been feeling like a really bad housewife. Normally I manage to keep things generally tidy but of late there have been more than the occasional day where the dishes remain undone, the washing both dirty and clean, adorns the floors, chairs and beds in each room. Mail, unopened is on about four different tables in the house and I can’t remember when I last swept.

Sounds bad? Mmm…it can be.

On my fridge I have a magnet that reads “A clean house is the sign of a wasted life”

I like that.

It’s not always, or even normally like this but there are days when Bliss just needs my attention and nothing gets done. Sound familiar?

After the HH’s recent weekend with our little darling he commented that he realised how hard it was to do anything when I look after her all day, and that he had much greater appreciation of what’s involved. It’s nice that he gets it and that he’s so supportive, but I would still be much happier if I could get a bit more done around the place.

I’m learning as a mum is that you can’t do it all. Not only that but you’ve got to figure out what really matters. At the end of the day when I look at my daughter I (generally) see a happy and smiling little baby. I look at the HH and he seems pretty happy with us, he has clothes to wear (they’re even mostly clean ones!) and food to eat cook with. That beats a tidy house any day!

So I’m thinking…

If you judge me on the state of my house, I will fail.

But judge me on the state of my family and I hope you’ll see what I do.

And after all, isn’t that what really matters?