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How amazing!

The lovely Carly was featured yesterday on Where the blog are you? and this morning when I opened my email this is what I found…

Isn’t she amazing!!!!

If you haven’t read her story you should!

If you haven’t visited Where the blog are you? today then you should…pretty, please.

If you want to win free stuff then you really should go here.


I’ve been playing…

(this was the original)

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Our Weekend in Pictures

There was yummy food
(below are 9 of the 60 odd cupcakes I made)

Watching the footy in the sun!

A pretty girl in her pretty party dress…
being spoilt!
Toys from Ma-ma
cuddles from Aunty
Need to improve my picture-fiddling in the last 2 photos but you get the point :)

How was your weekend?

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Today’s the Day!

Today’s the day! If you haven’t popped over to Where the blog are you? then there’s no time like the present!

Aussie and International bloggers alike will be introduced to an inspiring fellow blogger so go and check her out….pretty please :)

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Just another “edible moment” :)

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5 months and counting

This is just a mummy post so if you don’t read on past the pictures I won’t be offended :)

We’ve had some really funny faces and poses this month so I thought the 5 months collage would be a collection of the best…

Our clever little girl, at five months, is doing the following
* Eating like there’s no tomorrow! She loves her food and has two “meals” a day, after her breastmilk. Her repertoire now includes farrax, pumpkin, carrot and sweet potato. Avocado will be next I think.
* She is into everything. Grabbing it all and putting it in her mouth. Thankfully she hasn’t tried to eat Rumple. Yet.
* She loves to play with toys including rattles, soft toys, blocks…again, anything she can put in her mouth.
* She’s in her “big girl cot”
* The other day she sat up unsupported for at least 30seconds, she stayed up for over 1 minute when she had her hands on the ground in front of her.
* She talks all the time
* She turns her head when she hears people talking but does not yet recognise her own name.
* She rolls over to get a toys generally pulling herself towards an object she desires
* She loves to have a bath with me and is taking great interest in her bath toys, reaching for them, eating them (of course) and trying to figure them out.
* She loves looking in the mirror!
* She talks all the time!

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