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I feel like an uber-geek

I have nothing to say here except that I currently

ON the INtErneT



There is a purpose for this…getting directions online because we aren’t sure how to get where we are going.

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Because you waited so patiently…

and because I love to show off my little girl, I put this together for you.

Enjoy :)



It’s always worth a phone call!!!

I am someone who loves to shop around for the best deal. I will ring 20 insurance companies to compare quotes in order to get the best value deal. I’m the same with removalists, internet providers, ebay (ha ha!) you name it and I want a price comparison. Now that you know this about me, you may be able to imagine my surprise when I received today a renewal notice for my car insurance and saw that they had increased the premium by $120 from last year!! This seemed (more than a little) strange to me so I pulled out the invoices for the past two years and saw that it had previously only gone up by $40.

I called said insurance company to query this and they immediately dropped $43 off the cost!! That’s a 30% reduction just there. Cheeky buggers (to put it nicely).

It’s still an $80 increase which seems pretty outrageous to me considering that we have never made a claim and the insurance companies seem to make a HUGE profit each year.

humph…i see lots of time on the phone in my future.

So the lesson:

It’s always worth a phone call my friends!! $43 is better than a kick in the teeth!

Also, for my Aussie readers who like me probably watch with annoyance those stupid AAMI ads. (I mean seriously, the guys saves a couple hundred bucks and all of a sudden can buy an engagement ring, get married and go to Paris?! Get real!) Anyway…that’s another issue. I rang AAMI to see if their claim to be the cheapest is true. They are cheaper than the original quote but still about $25 more than the discounted one. In my true style, I will be ringing them to see if I can get a better deal.

Go make a phone call people!

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My how she has grown!

The little one the day she was born…

The little one now…

It’s only been 4 months people! What happened to my tiny baby??? Seems she turned into this lovely little baby who likes to smile, coo and laugh!!


While you wait

While you wait for me to get home and upload the hundred odd photos I have taken this past week (note to self: next time bring camera and USB cable!) I thought it would be fun to have a look at some of the ways people make their way to this blog. So, thanks to google analytics these are some of the things people google that leads them here…

Parents addicted to facebook uh-oh!

I fainted blood…I guess we all know why this one came up, but blood? If you are still reading mystery googler please leave us all a note to let us know that you are OK!

2 month babies activies…there were a few others along these lines so I should really do another post on things that LP and I do now. It was a challanging time trying to figure out what to do with her before she became more responsive.

a picture of mrs young from life as we know it

bill and toms 18th birthdayHappy Birthday Bill & Tom!

lazy saturday afternoonslazy what???

she dry me crazy oh. dear. Has the HH been here without me knowing?!?!

myths of motherhood this person actually stayed for a while and had a look around. should i be worried?? ha ha ha!!

songs and activities for babies

watch life as we know it for free

two redheads babies

And because I did one post with a wedding speech it seems I feature a lot on google…

funny wedding speeches

wedding toasts

bridesmaid wedding speech

While I am here, it seems I have visitors from 25 countries around the world. The top 5:

1. Australia
2. United Kingdom
3. United States
4. Germany
5. Argentina

Some surprising ones:

#10. I have had 18 visitors from Guatemala

# 19. I have had 8 vistors from Croatia

#23. I have had 7 visitors from Egypt

And 147 visitors from “the rest of the world”

Any of you care to identify yourselves??

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4 months ago today

at exactly 6.27pm LP was born!!

I am sorry I don’t have any pictures for this update but I am not at home so don’t have my extensive catalogue on hand. They will have to follow in a few days time…

My oh my how we’ve grown. Our little darling…
* Rolled over for the first time a couple of weeks ago!
* Eagerly takes in all her surroundings
* Is getting close to sitting up…maybe. She can sit momentarily without support anyway.
* Has tasted a couple of different foods – she’s licked (and disliked) bread, and licked banana – she’s not so sure about that.
* Is becoming more aware of people and will occassionally, if upset or tired, want HH or I to hold her.
* Has had a cold for almost 1 month!

Hopefully she will know her own name in the next month or so…that will be very cool!