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It’s amazing what you can achieve…

when you don’t have the internet at home.

We’re in our new place and are loving it!!

Little Precious and I have been exploring the local (& awesome) shopping, cooking soup & generally having a lovely little time.

The Rumply One is completely freaked out and living inside…very unlike him, though he is slowly getting used to the new cat hatch and starting to explore. We thought he would love it because there’s so much wildlife etc…in the area, but no. He’s become a house cat overnight.

I am in an internet cafe at the moment with the Little gorgie on my lap. She’s being very patient but I don’t know how long it will last. Best keep going.

Taking lots of pics for you all & will post once we’re back on line.

P.S. Mr Delicious, I am sure you are reading this before you get home and wondering why I’m in an internet cafe. I got to your place and stupid, stupid me forgot to bring the power cord for my laptop! Hence the internet cafe. Left you a little treat though…enjoy :) See you Sat! YAY :)

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Here I am exhausted again

What a week. Where would we be without my supermum? We have waaaaaaaaay too much stuff and seriously need to cull. Shame we didn’t realise this before we moved house!

It’s almost over and soon we shall be in our new home.

Little Precious and the Rumply one have been very good. As to be expected. They can sense that things are different though, a little more frantic. I think it will be good to be in our new home and to get a better sense of calm.

Mum, the Granny, has loved her time with LP though I feel sad that because of the amount we’ve had to do it hasn’t been the cuddly, relaxing time it’s been in the past. She’ll be back again soon though and then we’ll be there so for that I am thankful.

I have some pics and some funny stories but to honest I’m just too tired to post any of it just now.

If you are still reading then lucky you because you’re getting the important news. No internet connection for at least the next 2 weeks! YIKES! Not sure how I am going to survive. I see internet cafes in my future :) Probably won’t blog much, if at all, but I will be back, with lots of news and pictures no doubt so…

Until we meet again my friends, God Bless.


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Mummy Brain!

I had my worst case of mummy brain so far today! I was on the phone to Miss Lovely at the same time as looking for my keys as I needed to go out this morning. Half way through the conversation poor Miss Lovely was hit with a barrage of yelping (that’s me being polite) as I realised that my keys were in the glove box of our car.

Not a huge deal you may think except that it was 10am at at 12noon I needed to leave home to go and pick Mum up from the airport!


I send the Happy Husband a frantic email along the lines of “I’m an idiot. Locked keys in car and have to pick up Mum. Coming into town with Little Precious? Can we meet you at the station. CALL ME AS SOON AS YOU GET THIS EMAIL!!!!!!”

So Little Precious and I headed off on an excursion.

As I leave the house to start walking to the station. Turn my head and see NO CAR. “Where’s the car?????” Freak out realising that I’d lost my park last night because I’d ducked out to return a DVD while church was on and came back and the car park was full. Subsequently I’d parked on the street and it’s a clearway between 7-9am. Now I was faced with the realisation that I’d forgotten to move it after church finished. Idiot!

As I turned around I was full of dread that best case scenario I’d have a fine (they are ruthless around here) or that the car had been towed.

I was in luck (seriously!). Car in place and no fine. Phew. On we go.

So Little Precious had her first ride on public transport & she enjoyed it. I ended up carrying her with one hand for most of the time and pushing the pram with the other because she was too fascinated by it all to be lying down in the pram.

As you can see, she was not a happy camper.

Much happier now thanks Mum!

Aren’t I cute with my rosy cheeks?

Awww some more self portraits of Mum & Bub.

And then we acheived another first on the way home. What am I doing here?
Having a cuddle perhaps?

Nope. It’s feeding time! I think I’m being pretty discreet too!!
Apart from the fact that I have just blogged the pictures, I suppose.

The end.

I hope I have satisfied your picture needs for the time being! As Mum is now here and we are in full swing ‘moving mode’ I may not be blogging much so please forgive me, I won’t be gone long.

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Another little ditty

As I may have previously mentioned I like to make up little ditties and now that Little Precious is around I am making up lots for her.

This is the latest (imagine it to a ditty-like-tune).

You’re my gorgie
You’re my gorgie
You’re my little gorgie girl

You’re my gorgie
You’re my gorgie
You’re my little gorgie girl

What would mummy do
If she didn’t have you?
Yes you know it’s true
Your mummy sure loves you.

You’re my gorgie
You’re my gorgie
You’re my little gorgie girl

Simple but true and the little one seems to like me singing it to her so that’s always nice :)
Will try and post a film of it soon…if I can both figure it out and get blogger to actually upload it!!

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Going Incognito

Hi folks,

For various reasons I’ve just gone “incognito” on the blog! So….from now on “the cast of characters” are

The Happy Husband (also referred to as HH)
Little Precious (also referred to as LP, the little one, the little gorgie, little blossom – I’ll narrow it down when I have more children!)

Various other folk who I mention regularly also have code names. I decided to have fun with it so we have
Miss Awesome
Miss Lovely
Mr & Mrs Delicious
Mr & Mrs Papadapadopolous

If you are here because you know me please feel free to comment on the blog but when you do please resist using our names (aside from mine). If you do use one of our names I’ll delete the comment and let you know so you can leave it again without the name. If you are here but don’t know me you are still very welcome to leave comments!

Hope that’s OK. It’s great to be able to keep in touch with everyone like this but we don’t want to be too ‘footloose and fancy free’ with our identities. I’ve tried to update the blog with these new names but if you notice something I’ve missed please let me know.

Finally, Yes, I will need a new blog address as a result of this. It’s coming…stay tuned!

For now, enjoy & thanks for stopping by :)


Now that I’ve sent you here…

It seems that I’ve sent a number of people over to the blog only to give them a front page with no pictures. My apologies!!!

If you would like to look at old pics then click here.

Here are some recent ones. She’s growing up so fast!!

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