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Parenting 101

Had a visit from the Maternal & Child Health Nurse yesterday (great community service!) Amongst the material she left with us was a pamphlet entitled “It’s NOT OK to shake a baby”.

Good tip.


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Rocking Sleeping Beauty

while i sit here rocking our beautiful girl i thought i’d share some more pics…

One lucky girl!

Rumple is not in the least bit interested, he just wants his usual cuddles and prime position!

just a bit besotted!


By the Grace of God.

For those who have not yet heard, our beautiful baby arrived. A little girl!

Please let me introduce,

Our little spunk. Check out that head of hair!!

I have just uploaded over 200 photos to the computer and will post some more here or over here later.


Going Offline

Hi folks,
Just a quick note to say that I am going to go offline for a few days. There’s no baby news but I am just feeling a little agitated and think a few days away from my computer would not be a bad thing. Will post news here when there is some.


we’ve mostly been wrong

It seems as though most of us who voted in the poll have been wrong! While it’s possible that I will have this baby today it seems quite unlikely. Oh well, guess he or she will arrive one way or another this week sometime.

Also, for those two of you who took part in my first quiz – Gaynor, you were on the money – I was sleeping. What a slacker!! :)

p.s. still VERY excited about our new home!



I can’t tell you how relieved I feel now that we have bought a house and have somewhere to move to when we move out of here in a couple of months. Last night as we all relived the exciting events of the day and credited the Happy Husband for his magnificent work securing the property at a fair and reasonable price, it felt completely surreal. I almost felt at a loss as to what to do – recent Saturdays have seen us looking at house after house, often with the HH’s mum or dad with us, then spending Saturday night considering our options, doing some more internet searches, contemplating our next move/strategy etc… you get the drift and that’s just been Saturdays. For at least the past 6 months I have been checking real estate websites daily, hoping and praying that our perfect property was listed and that we would be able to afford it/beat the crowds!

The past few weeks have been particularly intense as we’ve had a deadline looming – a combination of baby R’s arrival which would have spelt the end to weekends of searching, and a final date for our current living arrangements which meant we had to buy basically now, or decide to rent elsewhere. In short, househunting has been a completely consuming experience.

We were both challenged recently that for this very reason we would need to put an end to the househunting either way. We have allowed ourselves to be so mentally and physically consumed by the process that we haven’t been shaped by the priorities we want, and that we believe God wants, for our marriage.

Even though I have felt convicted about this, and even with our looming deadlines, I have found this hard to accept and more than that, hard to act upon. As someone who enjoys being a ‘can do’ person, my pride has taken a bit of a battering through this process. HH likes to joke that he worries when I (or my mum) get an idea in our heads because he knows how it will go – I like to (and am generally quite good at) ‘making things happen’ …and doing it quickly(!) so accepting that perhaps that wasn’t going to be possible in this situation – that I might have to ‘give up’, or even accepting that I hadn’t been able to ‘make it happen’ in almost a year was hard work…for my pride!

When we got married we chose to have a lot of the Bible verses in the service focus on hospitality because it’s something we believe as Christians we are called to, and something we a both passionate about. We started off well, as I may have previously mentioned, in our first year of marriage we had people staying with us for 7-8 months out of 12. It was great! However, when I open our guest book I see very sporadic entries from about the middle of last year onwards.

None of this is to complain (obviously!), but to explain/reflect on how isolating and inward-looking the experience has been for us. I am glad it is over, not just because we can relax but because we can resume the life that we committed to when we got married and have a home that welcomes people and values hospitality. We’ve really only realised a lot of this in recent weeks and hope and pray that we will be challenged to ensure that we don’t get distracted to this degree again…

…that said we are about to have a kid, so perhaps we’ll have to ask for some continued grace as we figure out this new stage of life!

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