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How great is this photo?!?!

I just had a look at my brother’s new blog and came across some great photos he took when he came to Melbourne with Jill & Rich in January. I’d send you to the blog but there’s an ugly photo of me there and my vanity is winning out in this situation.

Anyway, this is an AWESOME photo (I think!) of my sister and Rich in our backyard.

Here’s hoping Tomo will take loads of photos of baby R when he/she arrives!!!


A new stage of life…

I just sent Amanda (the new Children & Families Minister at church) an email to say how strange it is to be sitting at my computer without an email coming into my inbox every minute or two. Here I am looking at properties online and keep flicking back to my email to see what’s come in…NOTHING! Oh this is so strange….I suppose once Baby R arrives I won’t have much time to be sitting at my computer so it won’t matter.

I think I am going to go make a chicken curry.

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I had my last Sunday at church the week before Easter and was expecting a fairly low key day. Amanda asked me in the morning how I was feeling about it and I replied fairly casually that I was fine, not really thinking about it. As far as I was aware there was nothing planned to mark the occasion apart from a notice in the bulletin and this was fine with me. After all, I am going on leave not going forever.

However, others had a different idea!

Minister Mark kindly prayed for the Happy Husband, baby R and I during the service before the kids went out and then off we all headed to our respective rooms.

After the service, as I finished up in the creche Elissa came in and asked me to come to the lower lounge. As I was heading there I heard a Dad say to his children “Come on, let’s go to Lou’s party”. Curiosity piqued but still unprepared, I walked into the lower lounge to a beautiful morning tea spread and a baby bath full of gifts including a case of Crown Larger for the HH (the men making sure he was properly looked after) and promptly burst into tears!!

Elissa then proceeded to say a few words, during which I basically latched onto the HH and just kept crying.

Amanda also presented me with a ‘Yummy Mummy’ apron signed by all the kids – very special! I just need to get the latest Sunday Club group photo up in my office and I will be set (the kids camp photo is currently my desktop background so they are already never far from my mind).

It was so lovely and special and I was overwhelmed by the effort and thought and generosity of everyone. It emphasised how strange it is not to be at church for the end of this journey. This pregnancy has really been such a shared experience with everyone there. They have all been so excited for us, and as I have previously said on this blog, so incredibly generous and kind towards us with the constant stream of baby items and the love and concern they have sent our way. Now that we are getting to the tail end of it all, well, it’s just a little odd not to be seeing it through over there with everyone. HOWEVER, we will certainly be heading back in a couple of weeks when baby R has arrived. In fact we will also get to see everyone this week when the new Vicar is inducted. And living next door also means we’re never that far from the action so actually we’re pretty lucky really!

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Baby Whites

I love baby whites!!!

Last week I washed the baby whites I will need for the hospital. I am saving most of my baby washing for when mum comes to visit as she is very excited about doing this with me (and I with her) but I needed to ‘pack my bag’ so got to do a little bit of washing in advance. It was lots of fun washing these little jumpsuits and singlets and imagining the little baby who will soon be wearing them!

A quick update too – we are VERY thankful as baby R has turned and is now ‘head down, bum up’. Thanks for your prayers!

While I am here, here’s a photo of the Happy Husband at work on the cradle stand. I think I may have previously mentioned that Mum & Dad kept the cradle that my sister, brother and I all slept in when we were born. Very special! The stand has needed a bit of an update though, 27 years down the track (!) so HH has been hard at work designing and making one. Here he is sanding off one end. This has now been painted to match the cradle and he’ll finish the other end this weekend. Can’t wait to put our little baby to sleep in this special cradle!


Feeling Thankful and Tentatively Optimistic

The Happy Husband and I have just returned from our active birth class tonight. We asked the midwife to have a feel of my tum to see what position the baby is in and she said she would stake her career on the fact that the head is now down. Feeling very thankful and tentatively optimistic though it’s a small bub with lots of room to move and the head is yet to engage so anything could happen. Nonetheless, we are thankful (esp as I did get a bit teary during the class over the whole thing) and praying that our little one stays this way!

For those who have prayed for us about this, thank you!!

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A lovely day

When I was in Sydney recently my mum organised a lunch for a small group of my close friends and family. It was a really lovely day. Lovely to see everyone, lovely how spoilt little baby R was, and just generally a special day.

Thank you Mum for organising it! I am growing to appreciate what motherhood really means (and costs) as each day goes by. I feel I have a lot of apologising to do but really for now just want to say a huge Thank You.

Thank you also to all my gorgeous friends who were able to come along and make it such a special day!

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