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2008 in review.

We had a baby this year, and we bought a house. I transitioned from being employed in a church and studying part time to being a full-time stay at home wife and mum. I went from a world of people to the world of an infant.

I’ve done my best to be honest with you about my experience of this but I guess it’s time for me to confess. No it’s not time for me to confess, it’s that I am now ready to confess. I haven’t been completely honest with you. I couldn’t. It was too hard to talk about, to hard to admit, to hard to really know how to deal with it.

I love my daughter to bits and am so incredibly thankful that I am able to be home with her to raise her but there was a time when I really struggled.

Before LP was born I was told by countless midwives that 80% of new mums experience some form of post-natal depression. Ok, the ‘some form of’ is my words. They just told me 80% get PND.

Not me I thought. I’m not the depressed type.

Though I did get depression last year when the beautiful Amy died and work was crap, and I did spend a few months seeing an psychologist, it was circumstances…not chemicals.

Well, hello? What’s having a baby if not ‘circumstances’!

Yes folks, this is my confession. I got a bit down during the year and struggled with reconciling my conflicting emotions – loving my baby, loving being a mum & being so thankful for the chance to be at home with my girl, at the same time as feeling completely isolated, lonely and sad. I found it very hard to acknowledge to any person (except the wonderful HH) but I did find my own form of therapy in writing it down.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to take a break from the blog-world and concentrate on having a holiday with my beautiful family. During that time I will be posting my reflections on this darker side of 2008 with you.

Please be kind to me, it’s just another part of this journey. A side I am now ready to share.

Happy New Year.
God Bless,

P.S. I have returned to these posts a few months after the fact and hesitated about posting them. This season was short lived for me but for the couple of months that I experienced it was very real. I don’t claim to have really suffered from PND though I do realise it rears its ugly head in many different forms. That said for the months of August, September and some of October I experienced feelings of lonliness, exhaustion and isolation like never before. It was a dark and scary place to be as it was so contrary to my normal disposition, such unfamiliar territory. To not share about it here would be to deny a very real part of becoming a Mum for many women. The very big upside is…I’m all good now!


Our Christmas in Pictures…

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Christmas started with the tree and presents, lots of presents for the little one though she seemed quite interested in Dad’s presents!! HA HA!

A good time with Aunties!
Lots of fun outside in my pretty dress

All in all, a pretty great day!


Libraries Rock!

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I am writing this post from the library near to where we have been staying the last week or so…Libraries Rock! LP is currently scooting all over the place having a grand ol’ time and I get to go online…YIPEEEEE I am so over no internet connection and no mobile phone reception!

I have some awesome Christmas Pics to share when we are back online properly but unfortunately when I dashed out of the door this morning I forgot to pack my camera and adaptor…boo.

So basically this is a post about posting some awesome stuff for you at some point in the future. noice. Lucky you!

Hope you all had beautiful Christmas’ & have a sensational New Year!!

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8 months old

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She’s 8 months old! This best sums her up…

Earlier today I was in the kitchen while LP was playing in the living room. One minute all was quiet and the next I hear noise. Was it someone talking?

No, it was this…

My little girl had crawled her way onto her Dad’s mat, found the remote and turned on the TV which she found quite interesting!!

Here’s my gorgeous girl a bit later on, when she was bored of the TV!!!

Classic. This is life with my 8month old :P


Using Adobe

Does anyone else use Adobe Contribute when they blog. The HH just told me that we have this software so I am giving it a go. It’s a bit strange…to be honest.

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The Munchkin Wiggle

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Miss Awesome took this video of the little one today…I was so glad as she’s been doing this wiggle for ages but I haven’t yet been quick enough to catch it on film.

I hope you think she’s as cute as we do!!!