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It Doesn’t Take Much

I joked to HH recently that it doesn’t take much to make me a happy girl – just 4 days off work and $400! I think his reply was something along the lines of me as ‘low maintenance’. A hint of sarcasm perhaps?

Anyway, the last two weekends have been 4 day weekends for us! making up for all the overtime the HH has been doing at work recently. We went down the coast for long weekend no. 1 and then to Sydney for long weekend no. 2. (that’s where the $400 came in) FANTASTIC!


Cupcake Craze Continues

The cupcake craze that is my life continued on Tuesday night at Small Group as we celebrated the lovely Alice’s 22nd birthday.

but of course Rumple wanted to get in on the action…

I love this…Lewina and Alice squished to the edge of the couches so Rumple can have prime seats there!! It was very funny.