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Freaky Friday

My mum was teasing/gently mocking/outright mocking me this morning for the ‘waffle’ on my blog. Yes, I know you share my horror! After all this is the same mother whom I have PRAISED on this very blog before…not all of us can be gallivanting around Malawi or skiing in South America! Unfortunately for you the most exciting thing that happened to me this week was having friends over for dinner on Thursday night, cooking them Indian and buying flowers!

It’s a good thing I know she loves me & is allowed to gently tease (mock!) once in a while!

Anyway…I wanted to tell you what happened to us last night! the Happy Husband and I awoke to a thud at some time during the middle of the night. While I was still trying to figure out what it was that had woken me, HH whispered “there’s someone outside”. For those who haven’t been to our house, we live in a church property on site and there’s about 1.5metres of play area between our house and the church hall and this play area runs the length of our property/garden and the church. We had been warned that this has previously been used as a thoroughfare but had never experienced it. Thankfully I was still half asleep and HH realising that this was likely to COMPLETELY FREAK ME OUT (I already don’t like this house at night) managed to pat me back to sleep while he worked out what was happening. It seems someone (assuming a drunken teenager, must less worrying than a psychotic madman!) ran through the backyard, put all the play equipment onto it’s side and then jumped the fence to the main road – which is what we woke up to hear. It doesn’t seem like much but after the break in last year, and the general feeling of vulnerability living in this house I CANNOT WAIT TO MOVE!! (and have an alarm installed at our new house)!

On that front, had a much more promising day house hunting in Brunswick this morning. A house was even passed in at auction – very reassuring (although probably not great for the owners).
This house was asking $452 and only got to $410. Not sure what it will sell for now.

Before I leave you, let me share some gorgeous pics I took on my (hopeless) phone camera today when I babysat for my lovely friends. We made cupcakes and was it fun!!!


Friends for Dinner

Last night we decided to change ‘date night’ a bit and invite our lovely friends Jan & Peter, and Louise & Aron over for dinner!

I made a variety of Indian dishes. Below are three of them: back left is Spicy Eggplant, back right is Chicken Kashmiri and front left is Pork Tikka. I also made a great carrot & pea dish (doesn’t sound good, but it’s fantastic!) and a spiced roast lamb (which we didn’t get too as we had too much food!)

Check out that stove! It is such a nightmare to work with!

I’m a bit of a fan of having fresh flowers when having people over so bought these at the local market…

…my lovely husband is also a fan of having fresh flowers when having people over…and I think he might love me too and so came home with these…

which have found a home in our bedroom. Great minds think alike because that was where I was going to suggest he put them but he’d already done it before I got a chance! So lovely!

We had a great night, and it was a good excuse to clean the house too!

I’m going to go and enjoy the clean and tidy living room & do my college reading now. I hope you are all enjoying a lovely Friday!!

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Addicted to…facebook

I’m sorry folks. I’ve become addicted to facebook!! It’s been open on my computer constantly for the past week or so and it’s been distracting me from my blog. My apologies faithful blog readers…

(btw if you are on facebook look me up so we can be friends!)

So…what’s been happening everyone?

The Happy Husband and I have been househunting heaps recently…still trying to find our dream home! It’s made date nights fun though as each Thursday we have gone to a different suburb for dinner to ‘try it out’. 2 weeks ago we had dinner in Northcote and then spent Saturday there checking it out. Nice suburb! Last night we had dinner in Brunswick and will be spending this Sat there. We do like Brunswick!! If we move there I will have gone full circle in my time in Melbourne as Brunswick was where I lived when I first moved here in 2002. Any suggestions friends? At the moment our ‘suburb options’ include:

Brunswick + Brunswick East
Fitzroy North (we’re dreaming!)
Clifton Hill (see above)
Moonee Ponds

Too many possibilities!!!! it’s both exciting and way too broad!

However we did get a break from the house search last weekend as we went away with the fabulous Sunday Club leaders from our church. We all headed to the Happy Husband’s parents place down the coast and had a brilliant weekend! Lots of hanging out, it’s such a peaceful place, reading and going for walks. We also didn’t stop eating for the ENTIRE weekend (yikes!). As well as all the relaxing we did some great team building sessions largely looking at the Belbin personality profile and Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team. It was so helpful and I am really excited about how we are going to be able to use what we learnt to be a stronger and more effective team!

Well until I have something more interesting to share with you I will say adieu.

I hope you all have a great weekend! Think of us Sat as we are driving round from place to place and if you are in the area give me a call, we’ll definitely be keen for a coffee place esp as there seem to be so many new trendy options that have popped up in Brunswick since I lived there.

p.s. who works at KPMG Peat Marwick, Kew Bridge, Slough, United Kingdom??

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the Rumply one…

Just a tail peeking out…there he is!

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Happy Birthay Little Brother!!

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Tom-o,
Happy Birthday to you!

I know it’s nearing the end of the day where you are but hope you have a fantastic night out finishing off the celebrations!

We miss you.

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looking and hoping, looking and hoping

everyday now for the last couple of weeks I have looked at the same property websites just checking to see if our dream home/unit/terrace has been listed at a totally affordable price, preferablly via private sale, and most importantly – a house we will love and noone else wants.

i’m in la la land.

one of my good friends and her husband bought a house after a year of looking (though they are quick to tell me it wasn’t consistent looking), a colleague of the Happy Husband has been looking every weekend for 7 months now and they still haven’t bought anything.

we have been looking for 2 weeks and I am close to being ‘over it’ – not that I am reknowned for being the most patient of people – or being even in the top 1 billion patient people. Nonetheless…I remain hopeful given what’s been sold and what is selling and will just keep waiting until our wonder place presents itself!! won’t that be excting…

we have set and achieved some good financial goals so far this year so perhaps it’s time to set another one…to be home/unit/terrace owners by the end of the year?

i’ll keep you posted…for now, i might just go check that website one more time

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