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A wee bit of trouble?

I was in a wee bit of trouble the other day as I promised to be back the night after my last post and wasn’t! So sorry about that…though given that these posts aren’t the most exciting read perhaps we all need to be getting out a bit more??

I had a lovely weekend with my friend Miss Awesome visiting. Miss Awesome has visited me HEAPS of times since I moved to Melbourne (over 5 years ago!) so we didn’t do much touristy stuff…in fact, any touristy stuff!! We just ate out, went to our churches Mission Dinner and watched DreamGirls (The Happy Husband was thrilled by the movie choice.hmmm….!)

Today I am feeling a little frustrated as it is 4.30pm and I have done only 2 things on my to-do list!!! Actually 2.5 – still, not much productivity for the day!! I have been doing things, just little things rather than the ‘big ticket items’ that I need to get done! Nevermind….

I should get back to it at least for a little while longer before I head home for a quick dinner before my meeting tonight. Sometimes life feels like one long meeting….

I’m not complaining though!

See you all soon.


Winter has arrived!

Brrrr…winter has certainly arrrived! It’s days like today that I wish that one of the lovely fireplaces we have in our house was located in the lounge room!! I am looking forward to firing up the one in our bedroom though – that’s a lovely way to go to bed on a winter evening!!

I am currently sitting in my (warm) office at work while the Happy Husband is downstairs at an Alpha Course. I was a bit sick at the start of the week which meant a slow start and now LOTS to catch up on before my temping job tomorrow (back with Dept. of Children).

So Much to do!!

Or at least it feels like that at 8pm when I can’t find my notebook with the 9am roster I need to complete…found it! It was in the pile of paperwork from the Leaders 2 Go conference I went to earlier this month…of course, what a logical place for it! I need another cup of tea…

while putting the kettle on I’ve also just taken some little pics of my office – hopefully they will be ‘before’ and ‘after’ shots to show it. It’s a comfy little office…I like it.

ok. photos taken. peppermint tea on my desk. notebook found. 8.06pm. let’s go!!

It’s 8.12pm and I’ve sent an email to the Chair of my Children & Families Team about our budget for 07-08. What’s next?

I’m listening to Josh Pike on last.fm by the way – great stuff!

It’s now 9.05pm and I’ve just completed the roster for term 3 – yikes!!! I wish I could say I was nearing the end…

Ok it’s now 9.57 and I am officially over it! I have almost done one powerpoint presentation and I have another one to go. At this point in the evening I would just like to go home to my husband! I’ll be back tomorrow night so see you then :)


Right this minute…

Temping today; at the moment actually. On reception with not much to do so decided I would blog…

It’s a great blessing to have the work – I was a bit stressed about not having had any recently so yesterday in our staff meeting we prayed about it, and then again during supervision with Sandy and the minute the last meeting finished my phone rang with two days work! What a lovely treat from God.

The problem with trying to blog when not doing anything else is that all the thoughts I have are normally stimulated by the other things I am reading about or thinking about and seeing as I am not doing that today I’m drawing a blank! So if you are out there in blog world feel free to say hello, I’d love the distraction & I’d love to chat!!

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Happy Mother’s Day

I have a great mum! Unfortunately (for her) she is home today with all 3 children either interstate (me) or overseas (Tom & Jill).

Mum was great when we were growing up – she was always around (I know some women choose to work and I respect their decision, some women have to work and I respect their tenacity, but gee it was great having mum home when I was little!) Now that she is back at work (well actually she went back when all three of us where a few years into Primary school) – and she ROCKS at her job too – she still manages to work and run a household!

If you’ve met my mum you know she’s a very embracing woman (unfortunately she often uses the term clutch & boossom in the same sentence A LOT time but nevermind that…) and she loves to wash! Dad sometimes jokes that when people come to our house mum greets them, ‘clutches them to her boossom’ and then asks if they have anything that needs to be washed!!

It means though that there are a lot of people who feel like our house is a second home, and our family a second family. Many people have spent time living in our house and being welcomed (and treated) like family (this includes stacking dishes & bring in the aforementioned washing!)

My mum also has a freakishly clean fridge. Everything is neatly stored in tupperware on it’s allocated shelf, and there’s never anything off or yucky to be found in there! Freakish!

I feel very blessed to have grown up with my mum as my mum (and my dad as my dad!) They were awesome parents and still are! Thanks guys!

More thoughts on mothers and mine in particular could be made but I need to go to church so will just leave you with a pic of mum & me on my wedding day as well as our Prayer for mothers from this morning’s service…


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