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A question about prayer…

As this blog is supposed to be a forum for keeping in touch with friends and family around the world I am writing this post. I am about to be asked to send regular prayer points to 4 members of our church who make up my Field Committee. These kind people meet with me regularly to provide support to me in my role as Children & Famlilies Minister along with feedback and encouragement (it’s quite nice really!!) Anyway, a big part of their support is to pray regularly for the Happy Husband and I so I will be emailing them a few prayer points every couple of weeks, or as the need arises.

If you happen to be a friend who prays, and would like me to email these prayer points to you please let me know. I won’t be offended if you don’t email me, it’s always better to only commit to praying when you know you can. Please also let me know how I can pray for you.

God Bless,

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It’s Raining, It’s Pouring

Exciting times this week…it’s been raining!!!

Tuesday, Friday and Saturday had rain with more due later this week. What great news!!

These are some pics we took on Friday night when we were in town and it began to bucket down!!! It was fantastic!! Who ever would have thought that rain would be so exciting…?

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My birthday present…

sorry for the poor pic quality – I really need to be using a proper digital camera and not my phone. Anyway…
in context it looks like this

and close up

It’s a picture of the Happy Husband and I in a Chinese newspaper in Chonqing on Valentine’s Day 2005. We were stopped over on our way from Chengdu to the Yangtze River (local) cruise boat and were asked to participate in the Valentines Day parade (largely because we were 2 of about 5 Westerners in the whole place – or so it seemed!). It was truly hysterical. Imagine going to a really big shopping centre/mall and seeing a centre stage surrounded by a few thousand people. Then imagine two foreigners dressed up in local costumer surrounded by a few local celebrities and jewellry fashion parade (that’s right – JEWELLRY!) Then the interpreter stands there and speaks to the audience for a bit and then the interpreter, interprets only ONE line to the foreigners in the form of a question about love.

SO FUNNY! We loved it and were sent this picture later on. The Happy Husband had it framed and then blown up into this print to hang in our lounge while I was away. The orignial picture can be found here


Happy Birthday To Me!

I am 26 this week!

Thanks to those who rememebered and hint, hint to those who didn’t!!

I had a lovely day all in all. Brekkie with Mum & Dad, followed by coffee with Miss Lovely. A mad dash to the airport, making check in with literally minutes to spare (thanks Lan for phone help with train timetables & random commuters who helped me work out whether to stick with the train or opt for taxi).

The Happy Hubby was able to pick me up from the airport and took me to Ezards @ the Adelphi for dinner (sooooooo nice & quite a treat!!!)

A phone pic taken in Australia Square (is that what it’s called?) after dinner .

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Colour Your World 2007 Pt.1

Well, the conference is over but only by 12hours or so. I don’t want to make rash statements about the experience as I am still reflecting on it, though what I can say is:

– I will definitely be back next year
– I will be bringing as many of my women friends as possible.

For the time being I will leave you with some fun Conference stats:

17111 delegates attended the conference
there were 1925 volunteers
1193 Compassion children were sponsored
33 nations were represented
4245 women were ‘pampered’ at the pamper stations (massage, nails, hair)
30,000 cold drinks were sold
180,000 lattes were sold
104km of toilet paper was used
148 decisions for Chris were made (not including the final session)
720 Samaritan Purse boxes were put together to go to Cambodia

Some profound, some fun, all incredible


Congratulations & Bon Voyage!!

What an eventful few days!!

On Saturday The Happy Husband and I were privileged to celebrate with our friends as they married. After 10 years together they have publicly committed themselves to each other and we were just thrilled to witness & celebrate this event!!

Here are some pics of the gorgeous couple!!!

and here is the view from the venue…(pretty nice hey!)

and here is the lovely Mel, with my Happy Husband and gorgeous baby William…

On Monday I flew to Sydney to say Bon Voyage to my sister and Rich, who as promised, have started their own blog! I am sure they will have some great adventures to share with us all!!

Here’s a lovely pic of them at the airport saying goodbye (thankfully the mothers and grandmother were able to hold off the tears until AFTER we took the pics!)

and one of Jill with her meds (note – each box in the container has 2 boxes worth of meds and this isn’t enough to get her through the 7 months away!!!) Full on!

and finally, all smiles with Ma & Pop – I really like this one!!

Tonight, the Hillsong Women’s Conference – Colour Your World – begins. Another 20 or so women from or associated with St Mark’s have arrived in Sydney today to attend this conference. It will no doubt be interesting so I will keep you posted.

God Bless,

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