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the first word…

Hey there,

There’s a lot of pressure here, writing the ‘first word’. It occurred to me that as I have ‘two lives’ at least in terms of locations, perhaps a few more in terms of roles, that a blog might be a useful way of keeping in touch. In the past I have felt that it might be a little ego-centric and that who really cares what I do with my days…it’s not like I’m doing anything particularly interesting or off travelling the world. Perhaps this is true in which case I won’t be offended if this is ‘first word’ is the only word you read.

If you stick with me though, I’ll do my best to keep it interesting, and spare you the details of my every move and every meal (though the Happy Husband did make a delicious ‘fat bastard’ breakfast today of French Toast with Panatone – mmmm) but apologise in advance for the no doubt frequent updates on ‘The Adventures of Rumply One’.

At the moment I am writing from Sydney where The Happy Husband, the Rumply one and I are having a nice Christmas & New Year break. Apologies to those whom we haven’t been able to catch up with but after a very full and exhausting year we decided to make the most of this time to relax and unwind as we prepare for the year ahead.

Interestingly it has occurred to me that this ‘first word’ is also the ‘last word’ for 2006 – what a treat! A first and last word at the same time – sorry it wasn’t more interesting. Let’s see what 2007 brings!

God Bless for a wonderful celebration tonight & a fabulous coming year.

Love Louisa,